What is Crossfit Gloves?

By Walter Oconner | Reviews


Crossfit gloves are available in different variations. In fact, it can look very different from one pair to another.

It can look like biker gloves, baseball batting gloves or a combination of the two types. It can also look like your basic hardened palm cloth gloves. Also, it can come with tapes that are similar to the boxing tapes that boxers use before they put on their gloves.

The primary objective of using Crossfit gloves is to protect your hands from tears, cuts and other damages without compromising mobility and comfort while training.

While some people may like the feel of the hard and cold steel bar in the gym, they are also prone to tearing down their hands and will most likely need some recovery time in between workouts. If you want to avoid such, a good solution would be to use a good pair of Crossfit gloves.

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