Two Old Goats Lotion Review – Is It The Best for Pain Relief ?

By Jessica Kelley | Pain Relief


The brand Two Old Goats is simply what its name suggests. The brand masters in manufacturing high-quality and most responsive products for older people that suffer from pains due to old-age. One of its most competent product is the Two Old Goats Lotion.

It has been many years since this product was manufactured and today when I wrote about its review, I have done my thorough research and found that this is a masterstroke product with effective results.

The Two Old Goats Lotion has high-quality essential oils that are ideal for pain relief. The non-greasy and anti-inflammatory formula helps with the swelling and injuries.

It is for external application on the target area. When I researched what people have to say about this product, I found out that for most of the buyers, the essential oil has been quite productive.

It is a little hard to believe that one can rescue arthritis pain with a lotion. However, if you are in the early stages of arthritis then you will find this product quite active.

Two Old Goats Lotion (1x, Lotion 8oz)
  • Non greasy and alcohol free
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities
  • No dyes or perfumes
  • Very usefull for toughest aches and pains

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Key Features and Benefits


So, as I mentioned above, this is a highly effective lotion made from a blend of 6 essential oils and other organic ingredients. The non-greasy formula absorbs completely in your skin and does not agitate the user at all. It is very light in the application. Let’s take a look at all the features and their benefits.

  • The lotion has anti-inflammatory properties that are quite useful for relieving the pain. The pain can be triggered due to swelling, injuries, fibromyalgia, or arthritis.
  • This oil is made with a concoction of 6 essential oils that sink deep inside the target area while providing relief against muscle and joint aches.
  • The skin of old people is very sensitive. The lotion also consists of moisturizing properties. It delivers the benefits of rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, German chamomile, birch bark, etc.
  • The main purpose of this product is to offer ailment against pains and aches. The anti-inflammatory formula is alcohol-free and does not contain artificial fragrances or dyes.

This is perfect that will be best suited for your aging parents or grandparents. The brand emphasizes using all-natural ingredients so that no harm comes with the user due to the usage of any artificial or chemical-rich ingredient.


Two Old Goats have been pretty thoughtful with the product containers. It is available in three sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz bottle. This way, you don’t have to ruin your money on buying the largest bottle, if you don’t find the product as effective on you.

Start with the smallest packing. This will be like a test run. Please note that for severe pains, you will be required to do multiple applications. You might find the product effective in the first application but to get well completely, it is important to make multiple applications.

Also, these bottles are quite travel-friendly. Even if you have to travel, you can simply keep the bottle in your bag. The product is quite helpful for travel pains as well.

Who Is It For?


The number of people suffering from chronic pains has increased potentially. The reasons are lack of nutritious diet and there are many other factors that contribute toward these pains. This product is also helpful to sportspeople because usually they also have to suffer a lot of injuries.

The components of this lotion are highly effective to the younger crowd as well. Women in their 30s who have to handle family and home simultaneously can also find immense benefit in this product. Injuries in the rotator cuff, swelling in knees, feet or any other place can be easily handled by this product.

Components and Their Individual Benefits

The main ingredients of the lotion are 6 essential oils. Let me tell you about the benefits of each oil and how these can benefit you individually.

  • German Chamomile: Chamomile is one of the oldest and most result-driven herbs that provide relief against all kinds of pains. The oil extracted from Chamomile has medicinal properties and it can treat ailments like fever, inflammation, insomnia, menstrual disorders, etc.
  • Lavender: Lavender has more soothing properties. It treats anxiety, nausea, depression, high blood pressure, etc. If you have sleep issues or anxiety problems then lavender essential oil is a perfect treatment.
  • Birch Bark: Birch has a lot of vitamin C in it and also has medicinal properties. The oil is used to treat arthritis pains, achy joints, and inflammation.
  • Rosemary: The rosemary essential oil has a mild fragrance that makes the lotion quite pleasant in odor naturally. It is effective for mild pain. The anti-inflammatory properties are also very effective.
  • Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus plant is native to Australia. It helps in curing a variety of diseases and pains. In ancient times, people use to apply eucalyptus oil directly on the target area to relieve the pain. It is also used for various other ailments.
  • Peppermint: The peppermint oil is best known for curing headaches and other chronic pains.

So, primarily these are the oils that make Two Old Goats lotion. This means that it will be quite effective mainly to relieve pains. To make sure that there are no side effects of the lotion, they have used the organic components in the making.


At last, all I would like to say is that people that have used this lotion have some really impressive things to say about it. The consistency of the pack is super fine and it gets absorbed in the body really fast.

With differently sized bottles, you can purchase the pack that suits you. Well, if I will be genuine then I would ask you to buy the smallest pack first. This way, you can check for any reactions or side effects.

As far as its effect and reliability are concerned, you can trust the product with closed eyes. It will never disappoint you. If you have any kind of chronic pains or old-age pains then this is a handy little product that you should have in your bag.



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