The Problem With Juices

By Walter Oconner | Nutrition


Drinking Your Calories

There is an issue with juices in the first place, and we are talking about real ones, that you make yourself. Any nutritional expert will tell you that you should never drink your calories unless you intend to gain weight. Simply our body doesn't recognize liquids as food. For that reason, the same amount of calories you intake through juices or smoothies will keep you full less than the same amount from solid foods.

It’s Not Only About The Juice


The second problem comes from the fact that the juice is not the only good part of the fruit or vegetables. All that is left behind in your juicer contains a bunch of fiber, vitamins, minerals and a lot of other ingredients that have more benefits to your body than the juice itself.

Natural Sugar Bombs

There is more - juices are basically a concentrate, which means you shouldn't drink too much, which is never the case. Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Yes, it is natural, but it is still sugar, and it will make you fat.

Drink too much of it, and your insulin will suddenly spike to level up blood sugar levels. Often times the insulin spike overshoots, which all of a sudden rapidly drops blood sugar levels. That will make you feel deprived, and you will find yourself extremely hungry, sooner than usual. All that because of too much sugar in your juice. (The same spike-drop happens when you eat too many sweets and feel even more hungry just an hour later).

Convenience At A High Cost

Yes, juices are a convenient way to meet your daily vitamins, as you can carry them with you. And they are indeed a better solution than soda. But as you can see, natural juices you make yourself are far from perfect. Unmistakably, the industrial juices like Naked Juice have even more flaws, read on to find them out.

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