The Benefits & Downsides Of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

By Walter Oconner | Reviews


The Benefits Of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

  • Preventing (or at least reducing) calluses - while men might think how their calluses full hands look more rugged and masculine, that is usually not the case for women. Without gloves, sponges, rubber or something in between your hands and the barbell or pull up bar knurling, you will get calluses. Gloves are a convenient way of prevention - you just put them on, and they always stand in place, the whole workout. However, if you lift really heavy, calluses will appear anyway, but they are going to be a lot smaller than without wearing the gloves. Gloves will reduce friction created by the bar, thus saving your skin.
  • Hygiene - your gloves stand in between the barbell/bar/dumbbell and your skin. Let's face it, the gym is not exactly the cleanest place in the world, with all those juiced up animals sweating around you and leaving their peeled off hand skin in the knurling on the barbell (nobody actually cleans the handles and barbells). Yes, your fingers are naked, but your palm is doing most of the work, and it will stay isolated from the grossness of the gym.
  • Increasing grip strength - weightlifting gloves with a wrist tighter will help you lift more. Often times, your grip strength fails you before the main muscle group you were working on gets tired, like on pull-ups or deadlifts. Weightlifting gloves with straps will support your grip and will give you that couple of more reps that will help you increase your strength or break plateaus. Also, during exercises, your hands get sweaty, which will make your grip even weaker - gloves prevent that too.

The Downsides Of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

  • Reduces grip strength (long-term) - the main issue with weightlifting gloves is that the wrist support will enhance your grip strength, but only while wearing gloves. If you continue to wear them non-stop while exercising, your grip without the gloves will never strengthen, and can even become weaker.
  • To prevent this, take off your gloves when performing exercises that do not require secure grip, or at least, release the straps when working with lower weight, and only tighten them when you go near your max.
  • Hygiene - gloves will absorb your sweat, and after a while, they will become a bit smelly. Men usually don't mind this that much, but, it can be a problem for girls. All that leather and synthetics mixed with sweat equals unpleasant odor. Washing will help, but doing it too often will damage your gloves, and you will be forced to buy new ones.
  • A great tip is to turn them inside out immediately after working out and letting them completely dry out before putting them back into your gym bag.
  • You become dependant on them - if you wear your gloves all the time, doing the same exercises without them will feel awkward. This will happen even if you do not tighten wrist straps and is both a physical and a mental barrier.
  • Try working out without your gloves, at least on some exercises that are not that hard, and won't cause calluses.

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