Swollen Hands In The Morning: 9 Main Causes and Treatments

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An abnormal change in shape or increase in the size of any area of the body is called swelling.

It can be a result of tissue growth, collected body fluid or some abnormal movement of the tissue. Also known as Edema, it is expected to affect any part of your body.

Swelling happens as a response to inflammation. Although we get worried when we experience swollen hands in the morning, it is not something to get panicked.

 It is evident that it becomes very challenging to do the regular morning rituals such as brushing, having breakfast, etc. and that makes it all the more important to understand the cause of it.

What Causes Swollen Hands / Feet In the morning?

The reasons for swollen hand may vary from individual to individual. The severity of swelling also depends on the exact cause of it. Here are some factors that cause swollen hands in the morning.



Swollen hands in the morning will not be a new thing for you if you are pregnant. During pregnancy, your body releases 50% more blood and fluids during that phase. As a result, you end up gaining extra weight during pregnancy.

Due to the excess fluid in the body, some of it also tends to fill up the tissues in the areas like feet, hands, ankles, etc. This process happens to prepare the body for delivery.

Should you Panic? As the swollen hands are due to pregnancy, there is nothing to be worried. However, if this happens suddenly, it is recommended to see a doctor as this might indicate high levels of protein in your body and high blood pressure.

Precaution and Treatment- To get the situation under control, you are advised to lessen sodium intake in your diet and increase water intake.

2. Arthritis


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Inflammation of joints of arthritis affected patient also leads to swollen hands in the morning. It can be stiff and stay there for a few hours post you wake up.

Also, swelling caused by arthritis tends to affect smaller joints like hands, fingers, etc.

Different types of arthritis result in swelling in various parts of your body. Here is the list of all kinds.

*Osteoarthritis is the kind that occurs when the cartilage between the joints degenerates. This type usually affects the older adults.

*Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most known form of arthritis that results in the swelling of fingers.

*Cervical Spondylosis is that kind of arthritis that affects the neck area and results in swelling of fingers.

Should I need to Panic? Usually swelling from arthritis is not much to be worried about if it is rare. However, if it lasts for three days or more and also occurs more than three times a month; then you must visit a doctor.

Treatment: Hot and Cold Compress to the joints can provide relief. Also, heat treatment can help the muscles to relax, eventually reducing the swelling and pain. In the case of too much pain, OTC pain relievers can also be helpful.

3. Scleroderma

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Scleroderma is an immune disorder whose most common symptom is swollen hands in the morning.

 In this disease, the skin of the patient acquires a sausage-like coating which makes it stiff and results in difficulty of movement.

Treatment: Exercise can show improvement in symptoms, and you might have to pay regular visits to a therapist for finger exercise and movements.

Anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal prescribed drugs may also help to reduce pain and swelling.

Other Causes

Apart from the conditions mentioned above, there might be some other factors too that result in swollen hands in the morning. These factors are discussed below.


*Poor Sleep Posture is also one of the causes of experiencing swollen hands in the morning. Swelling occurs when we sleep on our hands and put most of our weight on the side. Such poor posture results in swollen hands in the morning.

* High Sodium Diet is also among the main reasons that cause swollen hands. Limiting the sodium intake might be helpful in that case.

*Side Effects of Medicines might also result in swelling of body parts. Medications for high blood pressure, migraine, etc. have swelling as their common side effect.

*Insect Bite is among the common reasons behind swollen hands and fingers. Besides, it also results in inflammation and pain. These usually subside in few hours, but If they don’t, it is recommended to consult a physician and apply a steroid cream.

A sting or a bite may also result in extreme itchiness, stomach aches, etc.

*Allergy might also be the reason why you experience swollen hands in the morning. For instance, angioneurotic edema is a skin condition that results in swelling beneath the skin’s surface and is often the outcome of an allergic reaction.

*Infections such as paronychia, bacterial skin infection, etc. also lead to swelling in hands. The swollen hands are the sign that the body is trying to fight the infection and bacteria.

Treatments and Remedies

Swollen Hands in the morning can be treated using some general solutions. If you follow the mentioned solutions, you will witness a reduction in the swelling and hence relieve you of those swollen hands.

 However, if your symptoms persist, it is advised to check with a doctor as it may be a sign of some serious medical condition. It is recommended to follow the following remedies to avoid any further complications.


*Increase your water intake. Drink plenty of liquids and water to keep you hydrated. Water will help your body to eliminate the toxins and eventually reduce swelling.

1. Try compression gloves to get relief from the cold temperature. They will also assist by increasing mobility, provide warmth and improve blood circulation.

2. Avoid liquor intake. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and will result in dehydration which will further deteriorate the situation.

3.  Modify your diet plan and focus more on eating fruits, vegetables, and low sodium items. A good diet will relieve pain and reduce swelling.

4.  In case you experience a lot of pain and inflammation, take some anti-inflammatory medicine as they can provide you instant relief. You may also consult a doctor if the pain is intolerable.

5.  Give proper rest to your hands and do not exert much. Also, if you haven’t moved them much then you must allow them a little movement as stagnancy will weaken your muscles and finger strength.

6. Make sure you are aware of your sleeping habits and posture. Try to sleep in proper position and avoid sleeping on your hands and fingers. Make sure you do not out any pressure on them.

7. Make time for regular workouts as they have proven to reduce pain and swelling. Regular Exercise is a must for good health.

8. Maintain a healthy weight as obesity can cause skin conditions like edema and water retention. Also, make sure that you take the right amount of nutrients daily.

9. Try hand massage by yourself or ask someone to do it. It will help to strengthen muscles and relieve pain and swelling.

10. Try to put ice on your hands to reduce swelling. Use a cold compress or pack ice into a towel to apply on the hands and swollen area.

11. Keep a note of your symptoms and the swelling affected areas. It will help your doctor to discover the exact cause of swelling and the seriousness of the condition.

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