How to Stop Feeling Sleepy and Tired After Workout (9 Useful Tips)

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Exercise not only enables us to keep fit and healthy but also energized. However, most of us experience extreme laziness or feel sleepy after a workout. You might have also wondered why? The good news is that you are not alone here and this behavior has an explanation.

If you have just started exercising, then it is natural that your body is adapting the new routine and activity. However, if that is not the case, then you might be feeling sleepy after a workout due to some different reasons such as, the length of the exercise, the intensity of your exercise, nutrients, rest factor, etc. Let us cover two main factors due to which you might feel sleepy after a workout.

Reasons for Sleepy and Tired after Workout

1. Poor Fitness Level


If you have consistently been feeling tired after a workout, then you might have a poor fitness level, especially cardiovascular level. It might also be because you have just started exercising. 

You must start with medium and low-intensity workouts and gradually increase the level. It will not only improve your fitness level but also help to combat that sleepy feeling after a workout.

2. Wrong Exercising Technique


You might be feeling sleepy after a workout because of a poor workout technique. Even wrong and inefficient breathing in between the exercise can increase the fatigue level. Hence, it is very vital to follow the correct procedure for an exercise. In addition to this, incorrect posture and movements might also be the reason behind post workout fatigue.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water


Dehydration can result in increased fatigue and eventually make you sleepy after the workout. To check your hydration level, you can also keep a check on the urine color and your weight before and after a workout. Try to drink at least 20-24 ounces of water for each pound of body weight.

How to Stop Feeling Sleepy and Tired After Workout?

1. Eat Right


When you work out, your body requires additional energy to cope up with the requirements. You might be feeling sleepy after a workout because of low energy diet and high intensity of the workout. Try snacking on proteins and essential carbohydrates that keep you energize and prevent you from feeling sleepy.

2. Improve Sleep Routine


You might be feeling tired after a workout because you are deprived of sound sleep. Make sure that you sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. Sleep deprivation will act as a catalyst for fatigue and eventually make you sleepier after a workout.

3. Hydrate Yourself


As mentioned above, dehydration may also be the reason for your laziness and sluggish feeling after a workout. Lack of enough water in the body strains muscles and make you lazy and sleepy after a workout. Hence, ensure that you keep yourself hydrated before and after a workout. Try to take some water 15 mins before the workout to keep you active.

4. Proper Rest

Our body is also a machine that needs rest. Regular workouts are good provided that you give enough rest to your body. The muscles need to relax and repair themselves which is only possible if you take a day or two off for rest. Ensure that you take proper rest and sleep enough on that day so that you feel energetic again for workouts.

5. Modify Workout Routine

It is possible that your body is not used to such workouts and it is giving out hints by making you feel sleepy. In that case, ensure that you have started with low-intensity exercises and then gradually increase the level. Modify your exercise routine to such that you can follow in the long term. A stressed workout session might also make you sleepy after a workout.

6. Multiple Meals


Try to take small meals in between and increase your meal count from 3 per day to small meals of 6 per day. It will ensure regular supply of nutrients and proteins to your body and eventually make you more energetic and active. Make sure you take only healthy meals and refrain yourself from junk food.

7. Check out For Over-training


You might be feeling sleepy and experiencing fatigue because you are overtraining yourself. Overtraining is one of the common reasons behind post workout fatigue and sleep. Ensure that you are exercising enough and not over training yourself and your body. Increase your stamina and training intensity slowly and make sure you do over exert yourself.

8. Diet Alterations


As you start exercising, your body requirements change and hence requiring a change in your diet plan. When you start a regular workout, make sure you shift from simple carbohydrates to complex carbohydrates and increase protein intake in your diet. In addition to this, make sure you take healthy fats in your diet which will keep you active before and after a workout.

9. Pre-Workout Session


Some of you might need to warm up a bit before you start exercising. Pre-workout sessions heat up the body, making the muscles ready for the upcoming stress. It helps to deal with post workout fatigue and sleepiness as your body is trained to handle the workout process and remains active even after it.


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