Sally Hansen Wax Strip Review – Better than ever?

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For every woman, cleanliness is a prime concern. Cleanliness means different things to different women. However, one thing which is common for all is that women like to keep their bodies free from body hair. For that, you need the best wax strips. Speaking of the best wax strips, the most likable product is Sally Hansen Wax Strips. This one is manufactured in the USA and quite committing to what it says.

With this product, you don’t have to separately purchase wax strips for the body and the face. This one is a multi-purpose strip that helps in waxing down hir from the face, brows, and bikini area as well. There are other kits available under the same brand which are for the underarms, legs, and body.

The wax is sandwiched between two clear strips. You have to pull them apart very carefully and apply the waxed side onto the body to pull away the hair. The strips are available in three prime sizes including 8 smaller ones, 12 medium ones, and 4 large ones. You can use them in the target area as your need requires. The usage mechanism is quite simple and straightforward. It does not create any mess, unlike the liquid wax that we use. Also, the other best thing is that Sally Hansen wax strips are available at a highly affordable price.


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What’s In The Box?


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So, primarily, the box contains three main items:

  1. 17 x double sided wax strips in three different sizes
  2. 14.7 ml bottle of Azulene Oil
  3. Instruction manual

The instruction leaflet is for all the different sized strips. It is important to follow the instructions if you don’t want to waste a strip or two, trying to understand its mechanism.

A Comprehensive Look At The Sally Hansen Wax Strips

As mentioned before, the kit contains strips in three sizes. So, it is significant to use the right size for the right area to get the best results.

#1. Small Strips

So, the kit has 9 double sided small strips which makes them 18 in total. They come in dimensions of 17 x 50 mm. For the areas like under the brows, the size is usually suitable for all.

However, if you find it large for your brow area then you can also cut them a little to make the usage more convenient. This way, the wax will not get on the eyelid. But you will find them appropriately sized for the upper lip area.

Since there are 18 strips in one kit, you will have abundant attempts to get rid of the unwanted hair from all these areas.

#2. Medium Strips

Then you have 6 individual double-sided strips in medium size. When pulling apart, they become 12 in number. The dimensions of these strips are 30 x 50 mm which according to our assumption makes a great choice for removing the chin hair.

You will also appreciate the size for removing the hair from the bikini line. However, it certainly depends on the thickness of hair in this area as well as the largeness of the area.

#3. Large Strips

The kit contains only 2 double-sided large strips. The dimensions of these strips are 30 x 100 mm. This size is suitable for hair around the face like a forehead or cheek area.

#4. Azulene Oil

There is a bottle of azulene oil for post-treatment use. The 0.5 oz bottle has a sufficient quantity of oil to remove any remaining traces of wax and moisturize the skin. It also helps in soothing the skin and treating rashes.

Working Of Sally Hansen Wax Strips


The translucent strips are loaded with the wax but its consistency is brilliant. It does not create any mess as you pull them apart for usage. You first have to rub the sheet with both the hands to create some heat. This helps in easy release of the strips.

Once the sheets are apart, you should apply it to the target area and rip it off in the direction of your hair growth. You can repeat the process if you have thicker growth. Use the same strip for repetition. It will work fine for 2-3 pulls.

The pain, in this case, is tolerable. After when you are done, you can apply the oil on your body to get rid of the leftover sticky bits.


There are some precautions and before you buy this product, it is important to keep them in notice:

  • Make sure that you don’t perform waxing on an area that has been previously shaved, tweezed, waxed, at least 24 hours before.
  • If you have any kind of skin allergies then make sure to not use the wax on such areas. Any kind of dermatological concerns might be worsened with its usage. Consult with a doctor first.
  • This product is not recommended to be used on moles or warts.
  • Don’t use the strips on the vaginal area, lips, eyelids, nose hair, or ears.
  • Make sure to not use on sunburnt, chapped, irritated, or cut skin.

After using the treatment, make sure you don’t take a hot bath for at least 60 minutes.

Are Sally Hansen Wax Strips Useful?

For normal skin, the product works pretty great. There are other pros as well. It is mild on the skin and does not cause and rashes.

People with thicker growth of the hair has found that they need to give repeated attempts to take off the hair yet it is a great product to invest, especially if you have mild to semi-thick growth.

Anything That One Might Not Like?

In every way, this product is worth the amount it charges. As I said earlier, if you have stringent growth and thick hair then you might not find it as effective. Other than that, there are no such disadvantages of Sally Hansen wax strips.


The Sally Hansen wax strips are economically priced, they do not harm the skin, these are available in different sizes. Everything created by this company is in the best interest of the buyer. We give it a heads up and you can buy the strips without any hard and fast concerns.



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