Safe AdvoCare Products For Preggos?

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Meta: Getting pregnant makes you lose your nice shape? It’s no longer a problem. Try some safe AdvoCare products below to regain a slim body!

When it comes to pregnancy, most of us have mixed feelings. Although babies are the most precious gifts of life, many mamas-to-be claim to feel depressed.

According to our research, nearly every preggo gets dissatisfied with their appearance, more specifically, their body shape at least once during this time.

Therefore, many have reached AdvoCare products as a way to gain back their slim and fit bodies. Though the outcome is excellent, you should not use all of these products for pregnancy period.

Today, we will present a list of safe AdvoCare products that can help to solve the overweight problem without affecting the babies.

What is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is a well-known USA company specializing in nutritional products and supplements. Founded in 1993, until now, AdvoCare has possessed an extensive network of over 500,000 distributors worldwide.

According to their financial report in 2016, their revenue reached an enormous number of $586,000,000. Despite those impressive statistics, the quality of AdvoCare products remains controversial.

Are Advocare Products Good For Pregnancy?

In the USA these recent years, there has been a nationwide campaign called "Healthy People 2020".

Its goals are to promote health and disease prevention in which the primary targets are the health of mothers and their infants.

During pregnancy, the babies must have all the required nutrients. So it’s the moms’ job to provide all the nutritional requirements for the fetal development and growth of their infants.

Mamas also have to fulfill their own bodies’ requirements for maternal tissues like placenta and breast, changes in reproduction and metabolism.

According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2005, over 80% of women didn’t reach the standard amount of folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, or antioxidants in their daily meals.

Therefore, the use of nutritional products is essential for moms and babies during pregnancy!

But this leads us to another issue: Is every AdvoCare product suitable for preggos?

The answer is No, unfortunately. Mamas still need to consult the doctors before using any products.

Which products are suitable for mamas-to-be?

Spark* (Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement)

Spark is a vitamin-packed supplement providing high energy! It’s a fantastic product with 21 vitamins and amino acids, which are beneficial for pregnancy. The best thing is it just contains 45 calories.

The only issue is Spark has caffeine. Therefore, preggos should only take them once a day.

Ready-to-Drink Protein (Protein, Vitamin and Mineral Shake)

Advocare Ready-to-drink Protein is a combination of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Each carton contains 20g of protein and 140 calories to enhance energy and fulfill standard nutritional requirements.

AdvoCare Rehydrate® (Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix)

As its name claims, Rehydrate helps you rehydrate your body with a wide range of essential electrolytes and prevents cramping. We all hate cramp as it’s uncomfortable and painful.

This drink also offers amino acids to nurture the muscles and carbohydrates for high energy.

To wrap things up,

Being overweight does not only affect your body shape, but it also has tons of adverse influences on your babies. You can face pre-eclampsia, pregnancy diabetes mellitus, and so on when being obese.

To prevent these diseases, preggos should take supplement and AdvoCare daily. But keep it in mind to consult doctors before taking them.

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