Rackpull VS Deadlifts – Benefits and Gains after 1 Months

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Exercising is the key to maintain good health and body. For the ones that are indulged in casual training, the rack pulls and deadlifts won’t make much of a difference. However, for the body makers, they hold a superior position. There has been a constant tug of war between a Rackpull and deadlifts. Every trainee has its fair share of favorites and unapproved workouts. In this article, we will learn the benefits of both the competent exercises and see which one wins.

Since many decades, it has been established that deadlift is among the greatest exercises that one can do for versatile reasons. Technically, it is a perfect back and core routine which can make your back stronger and thicker.

Other than that, the lifter can expect some functional strength as well from the deadlifts. Surely, the deadlifts demand a lot of strength from the lifter. It also incorporates conditioning programs as well. Since there is immense muscle to be used in deadlifts, people prefer solutions that are less taxing on their body but deliver a similar result.

Well, it's sad if you haven’t already guessed Rackpull exercise. Rackpull can be considered as a neighboring exercise of deadlifts. The motion required for it is also quite identical and is used to build up back muscles. People indulged in this exercise are of two types, one who thinks of it as a perfect replacement for deadlifts whereas others think that this is a completely different exercise that has no relation with deadlifts. Let’s first take a look at how these both exercises vary.

Difference between Deadlifts and Rackpulls


The motion of both the exercises is somewhat the same. Deadlifts require more strength from the user and it is mostly seen in competitive powerlifting whereas rack pulls is a gym size exercise. For starters, the deadlift has to be lifted up from the floor and pulled up in the air till the lifter locks his hips.

 Rackpulls are picked up from a rack which means that you don’t have to go down to the floor. The range of motion is shorter as the rackpull is lifted from the rack, pushed up in the air and returned back to the rack.

Benefits of Deadlifts


You can go from 50” waist to 32” in a year with the help of deadlifts. Of course, there are other workout routines that you need to incorporate but deadlifts will be a complete transformation for anyone for getting in good shape and making muscles.

  • Since it is an intense workout, you will burn a lot of fats. This will eventually lead to weight loss in no time. It is a proven workout for weight loss.
  • It is a common conception that deadlift exercise is only for the back muscle gain. Truth is that it is used to tone all the muscles including backside, hamstrings, calves, quads, arms, lower, middle, and upper back, shoulders, traps, and not to mention the forearms.
  • It especially targets the belly area and remove all the extra fats from there. People who have excessive belly fats can gain a great advantage from deadlifts.
  • When I started this post, I mentioned that deadlift is a superior exercise for increasing the strength of the back. When starting with the exercise, you might feel that its a bit too much for you but don’t worry. You will be able to maintain the strength in no time.
  • The aching lower back is a common concern for many. With deadlifts, you can prevent lower back pains. However, you are advised to not load up the bar with the largest one rep weight that you can probably handle. Make sure that you are up for deadlifts medically. If not then it might worsen your problem.
  • The grip strength is also largely improved with the deadlifts.

Benefits of Rackpulls

So, the alternative exercise is rackpulls. There are a couple of benefits of this workout as well.

  • Well, just like deadlifts, rack pull can also increase the grip strength of the lifter. This activity also incorporates a partial range of motion lift. Increased grip strength can also enhance the neurologic engagement and readiness for heavy lifts.
  • The back muscles can largely use this exercise. This workout targets the back muscles and trapezius due to the lifter lifting heftier loads than before, plus not bending enough to target the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It is essential for lifters that are short in height or have less strength.
  • Unlike the full coverage deadlift, a rack pull put the lifter in a slightly more vertical setup. This will in return limit the load on the lower back. Sure, that excessive loading is usually considered to be better for back gains, stronger back, squat and performance, rack pulls are occasionally used to limit the amount of stress on the lower back or decrease the training volume.
  • The rack pull is simply a pulling variation that can be used as an alternative workout to deadlifts. It is also used to improve the lifter’s pulling strength, muscle development, and grip strength. This also largely factors the neurological adaption to lift heavy loads. If we speak of the contrary situation then the deadlifting program is mostly used to isolate muscle groups like trapezius, back, or glutes.

Which is Better?

As an workout enthusiast, it will be unfair to pick one over another. While the results and working mechanism of both the exercises are almost the same, it should be lifter’s take which one he feels better. It all comes down to personal experience. Yes, their core benefits are also different from each other. If you are solely looking for back gain then there is no better exercise than the classic deadlift. However, if you want a similar kind of results without putting your body in much pain then rack pulls is the option for you.

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