Pro Gainer Vs Serious Mass – Which One is Perfect for You?

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Optimum Nutrition is considered one of the most popular and well-regarded supplement makers in the market today. In fact, the company is known for its highly effective mass gainer supplements, which are the Pro Complex Mass Gainer and Serious Mass protein supplements.

Even though both supplements are based on simple carbohydrates and protein and packed with vitamins and minerals, there are actually different supplements and target specific goals.

The Basic Similarities and Difference Between Pro Gainer and Serious Mass

Pro Gainer is considered a lean gainer supplement, which would mean that the proportion of the carbohydrate and protein content of the supplement is about equal.


For this specific supplement, every 165 grams serving contains about 85 grams of carbohydrates, in the form of maltodextrin, and 60 grams of blended protein, Such blend includes muscle building glutamine peptides and fast absorbing hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate.

Slower absorbing proteins like sodium caseinate and egg albumen are also incorporated in this blend. Also, this supplement also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals along with healthy lipids and digestive enzymes.

On the other hand, Serious Mass is considered a hard gainer formula. Every 334 grams serving of this supplement contains about 50 grams of protein and 250 grams of carbohydrates. Despite the considerable difference in the protein to carbohydrate ratio, the formula is quite similar.


Just like the formula of Pro Complex Gainer, the formula of this supplement is maltodextrin based and has a unique protein blend alongside whey concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumen. However, it does ack some of the faster-acting fractions.

Also, this formula contains small amounts of muscle building amino acids like glutamine and creatine, has lower fat content and lacks digestive enzymes.


Which Supplement Formula is Better?

Pro Gainer has numerous benefits it offers. Its complex formula is packed with BCAA’s or branched-chain amino acid and glutamine that helps aid in the faster recovery of both fitness pros and athletes.

Also, the combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and calories ensure that each session in the gym is not wasted and that you can get back on track the next day with minimal to no downtime.

Besides, soreness brought about by the previous day’s activities will also be significantly minimized.

Ultimately, the great thing about this supplement is that you can use it as a high protein meal replacement or as your regular post-workout shake.

Serious Masson the other hand, lives up to its name – Serious. This supplement is a mass gaining formulation in every sense. In fact, it has the highest caloric protein blend by the same manufacturer, Optimum Nutrition.

If you are looking to bulk up, this supplement is your best bet as it adds extra calories to your diet.

Comparing the Ingredient Content of the Supplements

Despite having similar ingredient content, as they both have protein blends and provides roughly the same amount of protein per serving along with vitamins and minerals, this is where their similarities end.

The Pro Complex Gainer formula makes it a better supplement, as it goes beyond just an excessive caloric blend but rather a superior protein which would much help in building lean muscle mass and not just merely mass.

Also, the addition of BCAAs and glutamine makes this supplement much better and more appealing.

As with Serious Mass and its excessive caloric content, the formula tends to be very physically demanding on the stomach. In fact, there is a high tendency for bloating to occur.

Dosage Comparison between Pro Gainer and Serious Mass

Both supplements are very well dosed and suited to the purpose for which they are developed. The serving size of the supplements is large with Pro Gainer coming at 165 grams and Serious Mass at 334 grams.

It is important to note that it can be hard to avoid big serving sizes in a well-formulated supplement supplements.

However, you can easily break the dose in two to four servings throughout the day instead of in one sitting. This should make it easier to consume a high caloric diet to help you gain your desired size.

Are There Any Side Effects?


Healthy adults who decide to use any of the two supplements should experience no harmful side effects. However, if you knowingly suffer from any allergies to milk, soy, wheat, or eggs, you should avoid taking these supplements.

Also, if the supplements are not used according to the instructions or not inconjunct to a steady exercise routine, you can develop stomachaches and bloating, as your body will have difficulty in breaking down the excessive protein.

That being said, mass gainers like Pro Complex Gainer and Serious Mass are for those people who are serious lifters, athletes, and fitness professionals.

Wrapping up

Both of these supplements are very well suited to their purpose and it can be difficult to say that one is better than the other.

While both came from the same maker and essential has more or less similar ingredient content, the Pro Complex Gainer still has earned the top spot due to the addition of other vital ingredients that made the high average protein and high-calorie supplement into a mass and muscle gainer.

In fact, on the basis of a more extensive protein blend along with the inclusion of digestive enzymes and BCAAs, the Pro Complex Gainer has the better ingredients.

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