Perfect Guide On Exercises For Crepey Skin On Legs

By Walter Oconner | Health


You’re too depressed to wear short skirts because of loose, sagging leg skin? Let me help you with this comprehensive list of exercises for crepey skin on legs!

Everyone knows that loose or sagging skin is a result of many factors. And weight gain (in pregnancy) and weight loss are the two most common ones.

You can spot it easily in the areas of elbows, knees, neck, arms, and legs where the thin skin begins to get flaccid and crepe-like.

The reasons behind these ugly wrinkles have been thoroughly mentioned in my earlier posts, you can click here to read more.

To combat the sagging, crepey skin - especially on legs, lots of people have practiced various types of exercises like jogging, running, yoga, etc. But just only a few of them REALLY succeeded.


Well, it’s the reason that I’m here!

 Check out the piece of information below to fully understand about true exercises for crepey skin on legs that you NEED to apply!

What Type of Exercises Should You Focus On to Beat Your Legs Crepey Skin?

It’s true that you should exercise hard to get the smooth shape back. But remember that not all training can be applied for your sagging skin - if you don’t want the situation to get worse!

So here is exactly what you should focus on!

1: Anaerobic strength-training exercises

Anaerobic here is “needing oxygen”, by which I mean the exercises that need oxygen to do, with the main purpose is to gain strength for your body.

Why strength-training?

Because through strength-training, anaerobic exercises like weight lifting would help to build and increase the elasticity in your muscles, joints, and bones. Focus on the hamstring muscles and you can easily reduce the crepey skin on your legs!

A strength-training exercise should concentrate on low weight and high repetitions to build muscles while increase endurance at the same time. And you’d better do these pieces of training ideally 3 times per week!

2: Aerobic fat-burning exercises

Opposite to anaerobic exercises is anaerobic training, which focuses on burning fat in our body. It quite makes sense for muscle building and training. But why fat-burning?

Well, by burning fat and activating the cardiovascular system in our bodies, the exercises will help to tone and firm our muscles and the skin also. Run, power walk or use the aerobic machines about 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week to quickly say goodbye to your loose crepey skin on legs!


Exercises for Crepey Skin on Legs to Do At Home

If going to the gym regularly is a bit inconvenient for you, then why don’t we try these super easy home exercises for legs crepey skin?

#1: Squats

The best thing about squat is that it requires no equipment at all. Though it seems like a piece of cake for most of you, squats is actually a great exercise to strengthen your crepey skin on legs and also your butt.

By building the outer thigh muscles, the up and down moves will help to reduce the wrinkles and tighten your legs and knees.

#2: Leg extension

This is also a super easy and applicable exercise that is ACTUALLY effective in toning and building the quadriceps and knees area. You can simply do leg extensions on your back or sitting on a chair/ bench.

Want more challenge? Attach some weights to your ankles and extend your legs!

The Bottom line

Finally, I hope these things above help you find out the perfect exercises for crepey skin on legs. However, it’s still my advice that the best way to deal with crepey legs and knees is to prevent them by developing a regular habit to keep fit and stay healthy.

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