7 Effective Ways To Overcome Skin Tag & Skin Tag Bleed

By Jessica Kelley | Health


Skin tags are embarrassing, ugly and feel utterly horrible when they get twisted with clothes or other things. These are harmless outgrowths on the epidermis and consist of skin tissue, ducts, fat, and nerves. These round, globular structures are mostly seen in areas like underarms, neck, eyelids and in all those areas where the skin is thrown into folds.

The main reason for the appearance of skin tags is still unknown. However, many doctors have concluded that obesity is one of the major risk factors for the appearance of skin tags. Apart from obesity, heredity is another factor that causes its appearance. These unpleasant growths do not cause any major harm but since they look awful and cause a lot of discomforts, many people opt to get them removed.

Cutting these globular structures from the skin may sound easy but is painful and can lead to infections on the site of the skin tag. That is why so many people look for painless alternatives to get rid of the unsightly skin growths. Natural methods may promise to give relief from these growths but there are only a few of them that show positive results. Apart from natural methods, there are many at-home skin tag removal kits made available in the market these days for easy and pain-free removal of skin tags at home. Of all these methods, we have put together a list of the best ones that are highly effective in skin tag removal.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Rich in anti-oxidants, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities, apple cider vinegar works wonders in drying the tissues inside the skin tag and gets rid of the fleshy growths in some weeks. You just need to dab the vinegar on the tag twice a day until the tag dries and falls. The effectiveness of apple vinegar in removing skin tags has led many brands to use the vinegar in their skin tag removal kits.

2. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is another natural cure for skin tag removal that is highly effective. This oil works by destroying the tissues inside the tag with repeated application. With this oil, there is no need to worry if the oil spreads to the surrounding skin.

Apply the oil directly to the tag site two to three times a day for some weeks or months. The tag will shrink in size and drop off after some time. With this method, the tag will be removed without leaving any kind of scar on the skin.

3. Iodine

Liquid iodine promises to get rid of skin tags if it is applied continuously to the skin tag. This liquid has the ability to destroy the cells within the skin tag and causes it to dry. Applying the liquid directly over the tag will help it shrink in size and obstruct blood flow to the skin tag.

This will lead to drying of the tag and cause it to fall when it becomes dead. This method has to be performed daily until the tag dries completely and falls.

4. Liquid Nitrogen

Freezing a skin tag is a preferred option for skin tag removal for many people as the results are achieved quickly with this method. A few years ago this method used to be performed only by a doctor, but nowadays at-home skin tag freezing kits have been made available. These kits have liquid nitrogen provided in the pack along with swabs and applicator for safe application.


The liquid has to be carefully applied to the skin tag, after which the tag begins to shrink and change its color. This happens because the oxygen supply to the tag gets obstructed by freezing.  To prevent the liquid from touching the surrounding skin,  skin shields are provided with the kit.

5. TagBand

TagBand tag removal kit is the easiest skin tag removal kit available in the market. This method has a high success rate and is painless. TagBand works by obstructing the blood circulation at the base of the skin tag.

This is achieved by placing the band close to the base of the tag along with the cone. After this, the tag remover tool is inserted inside the cone. This strangulates the skin tag and the band has to be left in place with the skin tag. The band comes off once the tag falls off.

6. Baking Soda


Another popular natural cure for removing skin tag is applying a paste of baking soda and lemon juice on the surface of the tag. Baking soda is an excellent exfoliator. Applying a paste of baking soda and lemon juice will help in sloughing away dead skin to reveal fresh skin beneath. This action helps in removal of skin tags.

Also mixing it with lemon juice increases the acidic content in the paste which is beneficial in destroying the cell structure of the skin tag. Dab the paste on the skin tag and let it remain for twenty minutes. Repeat this step two to three times every day until the tag falls off. To increase the efficacy of baking soda you can combine it with apple vinegar and apply it on the skin tag. This method is good for larger skin tags.

7. Nail Polish Remover

A highly effective and popular method of getting rid of a skin tag at home is by using nail polish remover.

However, doctors do not recommend this method as the safety of this method is questionable. Hence, it should not be used on sensitive body parts such as face, neck, groin or armpits. It may also cause the allergic reaction in some people, Therefore, you must exercise caution while attempting to treat a skin tag with nail polish remover. 

Dab the solution over the tag surface and cover it with a band-aid for better absorption of the liquid. Remove the band-aid after a couple of hours. 

Repeat this process twice daily until the tag starts to crumble and falls off. If you notice redness or inflammation on the tag site,  discontinue the procedure and visit a dermatologist to get yourself treated.

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