Naked Juice A to Z – You’d Better Choose another Juice

By Walter Oconner | Nutrition


Drinking Your Calories

There is an issue with juices in the first place, and we are talking about real ones, that you make yourself. Any nutritional expert will tell you that you should never drink your calories unless you intend to gain weight. Simply our body doesn't recognize liquids as food. For that reason, the same amount of calories you intake through juices or smoothies will keep you full less than the same amount from solid foods.

It’s Not Only About The Juice

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Naked Juice is a series of healthy (we will get to that later) juices bottled by PepsiCo, a well-known beverage manufacturer.

The brand has strong marketing, backed up by the huge company behind it. It claims they only use the best ingredients, and that the juices are made out of 90% pure fruit, without added sugar. Furthermore, Naked Juice is said to contain real fruit, with as much as one and a half oranges, 20+ blueberries in a single bottle. Additionally, all this without any GMO, which is confirmed by independent testers.

About the Author

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