Medifast vs. Wonderslim: Which is Better Weight Loss Program?

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Are you confused to select among the Medifast and Wonderslim diets? Needs some help in making the right decision? Then, you have landed on the right page.

Medifast and Wonderslim are two similar diets that act as the meal substitute programs for the quick results of the weight loss. They offer distinctive benefits to the consumers for sure. But, still, there are some features of both the programs that make them differ.

Then, how will you compare both of them?

Here, in the below article we will give you a discerning review of both the programs and will also make a comparison in the end for your better understanding.

What Is Medifast Weight Loss Program And How Does It Function?


In the Medifast weight loss program, you have to consume six meals in a single day for losing extra weight. The Company says that if you strictly follow their diet then, you will quickly lose weight between 2 pounds to 5 pounds in one week. Later on, your weight will continue to get reduced by 1 pound to 2 pounds. 

The Medifast program has recommended by more than 21000 dieticians and health professionals. The meal substitute products of the company clinically establish for supporting a proportionate weight loss.

In the course of this weight loss program, you have to consume some permitted low-calorie foods and exact meal servings. Moreover, the company will supply these meal substitutes to your home on a consistent basis.

Pros and Cons of Medifast Weight loss program


  • Every meal of the Medifast comprises of the wholesome and nutritious foods that offer a positive effect on our health and body
  • Besides the benefit of weight reduction, it also reduces the body inflammation and stress
  • It is a proven program that is supported by the science and nutritional ideologies
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    It offers full support and education to its customers
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    You can follow the diet owing to the inclusion of the prepackaged foods.
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    It is less expensive than the Wonderslim weight loss program.


  • You might get bored after same easting foods for a long time
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    Certain beverages and snacks offered by the company has added sugar in them which can increase your calorie intake
  • If you don't follow a balanced lifestyle after stopping the plan then, you might regain the weight again

What Is Wonderslim weight loss program and how does it function?

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The Wonderslim weight loss program offers you vitamin-rich meal substitutes along with lots of flexibility. It inspires you to swap your regular foods with the products of the company. Wonderslim is renowned for its extensive variety of possibilities as well as large choices of ingredients.

The entire meal replacements and supplements of the company come in the form if diet kits. Every single package benefits you in beginning your journey of weight loss effectively. The drinks, shakes, bars, and soups modified for both males and females.

One single plan for women comprises of 1000 to 1200 calories whereas, for men, the calories remain between 1500 to 1800 calories for one day. After becoming the member of the company through the online medium, you will get a list displaying that which foods you can eat and avoid.

​Pros and Cons of Wonderslim Weight loss program


  • It needs less than 4 minutes for making a Wonderslim meal
  • The feasts of the Company are cheaper than your regular meals
  • The low-calorie diet not only helps you in losing weight but also lowers your high blood sugar levels
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    The supplements and the meal replacements might also consume by the people suffering from Type 2 diabetes
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    There are so many options for foods that you can pick in it
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    All the products recommended by nutritionists and doctors.


  • The company does not offer any guarantee regarding the results of the weight loss for all the weight watchers
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    If you follow the program for the long term then, it will create a burden on your pocket
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Comparison Between Medifast vs. Wonderslim

So, now you are entirely aware of the Medifast and Wonderslim weight loss programs. But to know the answer for Medifast vs. Wonderslim, it is essential that we compare the features of both the plans.

1. Suitability

The Medifast weight loss program is suitable for all those people who are looking for the least effort for the weight loss result whereas the Wonderlsim is suitable for those who want to lose weight quickly.

2. Number of meal plans

Medifast provides numerous plans, like Flex, Go and Thrive Healthy Living beside the special diets plans. WonderSlim delivers three meal plans, comprising Core Classic, Basic Essentials, and Premium Complete for males as well as for females.

3. Options of meal

Under the Medifast plan, you get more than 65 meals over its list of options. But in the Wonderslim, you get more than 150 meals options.

4. Variety in recipe

There is plenty of delicious, low-calorie, healthy lunches, breakfasts, snacks, dinners, bars, desserts, smoothies and shakes in the Medifast program. The options of the meals comprise of the low-carb, gluten-free, senior-friendly, low-fat, vegetarian meals and diabetic-friendly for promoting the process of fat burning.

WonderSlim program comprises of the bars, diet drinks, entrées, snacks, desserts, soups, supplements, and breakfasts. The meals consist of meal replacements and ready to eat dishes. The special diets have the options include gluten-free, kosher, no gluten-comprising ingredients, non-GMO, vegetarian, sugar-free, aspartame-free, low-fat, fat-free, low-sodium, low-carb, lactose-free, wheat-free, and bariatric meals.

5. Quality of the food

You didn’t get much info about the source of ingredients in the Medifast weight loss plan, but they usually utilize the natural and healthy ingredients along with the natural colors like annatto and beta-carotene.

The products of the WonderSlim do have numerous non-GMO items, but all its products not prepared from the right quality ingredients.

6. Cost of the programs

Medifast is less expensive than the Wonderslim, but it all depends upon the pricing option that you pick. The basic plan of the Medifast costs around $7 for one day, and it includes five meals, and the Wonderslim offers some plan for $7 for four meals in one day. 

However, the premium plans of both companies are similar around $ 11 for one day. For the most part, Wonderslim is more costly than the Medifast.

Final Thought: Medifast vs. Wonderslim?

The diet programs of Medifast and Wonderslim are identical that delivers healthy meal substitutes. Both the companies provide you an assurance that you will lose your extra weight in very less time. In fact, the doctors also approved and recommended following these programs. 

However, few things set both the weight loss programs apart. The cost of the Medifast is less than the Wonderslim plan. But the Wonderslim offers you more flexibility in meal options than the Medifast. The online support from the Medifast is quite good in comparison to the Wonderslim.

Thus, now it is you who have to decide that which program suits your needs, budget, and requirements to a greater extent. But before beginning any diet, do consult your health professional once for sure.


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