Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Pure Castor Oil – Which Is Better?

By Jessica Kelley | Best Personal Care Product


There is clear combat between Jamaican castor oil and the pure castor oil. These days, people are more fond of using the Jamaican version of castor oil because of its benefits. The difference between both the oils not just lies in the properties but also price wise.

The first thing that you should know about the oils is that the least processed oils are better. Usually, buyers have the misconception that Jamaican oil is less processed and possibly unfiltered. But that’s not true.

In the case of olive oil, what we really want is for it to be extracted with cold pressed technique. The cold pressed technique is quite beneficial then heating the leaves and extracting the oil. The regular castor oil is mostly found in light yellow color. It is because the oil is extracted through cold pressed technique.

Jamaican oil is completely the opposite. Its beans are roasted in order to get the dark color. The color of Jamaican oil is known as ash which is generated by boiling the beans and extracting the oil.

Is Jamaican Oil As Good As Pure Castor Oil?

The Jamaican version does have some benefits in its kitty. The pH level of this oil is higher. It's about ribbing of the castor seeds due to which the Jamaican oil is considered to be so successful in the health and beauty industry.

The process of the making develops the good alkaline effects of the ashes that give a push to the pH level of the Jamaican castor oil. This alkalinity helps to penetrate the hair cuticles. This way, the overall efficiency of Jamaican castor oil is increased.

How Is Best Jamaican Oil Formed?

Most of the leading manufacturers of Jamaican oil use a specific technique of manufacturing. The organic seeds are roasted and put in a manual grinder for crushing. Later, the crushed material is boiled to extract 100% pure and organic oil which is dark brown in color.

The boiling process is given sufficient time to form the ash. Ash is another variant of oil available in the market with potential benefits.

The question is, does the ash increase the effectiveness of castor oil? Since it is widely used for hair growth, are there any such benefits of ash based castor oil? Well, the answer to this is unknown because this goes against the conventional wisdom that says to keep the oil extraction process as natural as you can.

There are plenty of women who are quite fond of the Jamaican oil and swears for its benefits. The truth is that Jamaican castor oil is not purer or less refined to the regular castor oil. The beans undergo an intense heating process which creates ash and eventually interrupt the composition of the oil.

Scientific claims are the ash is good for the hair and scalp. Well, Jamaican oil is all about ash. Now you should be able to make a distinction whether Jamaican oil is good or not.

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