Is Naked Juice Healthy & Good For You?

By Walter Oconner | Nutrition


If you are wondering is Naked Juice healthy, this article is for you. This beverage got a lot of critics recently, and we will check out if they were well-founded or not. We will also talk about fruit juices in general, sharing our thoughts about them. Let's roll!

The Problem With Naked Juice



Naked juice is industrial-made. That means it is bottled, transported, stored, and held on store shelves before you buy it, remaining fresh. It means it probably has chemicals to keep it fresh for longer.

Concentrate, Rather than Real Fruit and Veggies

Furthermore, if you ever made juice yourself, you know how little you get from using whole fruit. Now imagine PepsiCo producing gallons and gallons of juice every single day, for consumers worldwide. It would be impossible for them to actually use real oranges, apples, berries, and vegetables in their juices. Instead, they use concentrates, and they mix them with water.

When you see a manufacturer claiming a percentage of real food is in their product, that is not a percentage of the whole amount. That is the amount of fruit the fruit concentrate used to make the drink contains. So 1L of 90% bottled apple juice doesn't contain 900 ml of apple juice. Only the concentrate inside contains that much, the rest is water, additives, sugar and who knows what else.

A Sugar Nuke

The sugar is the main issue with Naked Juice. Even if the statement "no-added sugar" is true, you will still intake an enormous 61 grams of sugar in the POMEGRANATE BLUEBERRY mix. 61 grams! And 290 calories in only 450 ml serving. That is absolutely insane. The label claims that is 25% of recommended daily carb value for a healthy individual. That is more than in soda. Just imagine drinking several per day...

Is Naked Juice Healthy?


Sodas have a lot of sugar, and they make you really fat, really easy. However, nobody is drinking sodas because they are healthy, and the manufacturers never claim any health benefits. They taste good, and that is why we drink them, and love them, although they are not healthy (we won't use the word harmful).

However, Naked Juice is something entirely different. It is advertised as healthy, how it contains real fruit, no added sugar. It also claims how it will make your nutrition better and improve health. 61 grams of sugar in a 450 ml bottle can never, EVER, make you healthier, period.

The whole concept of promoting a sugar bomb like Naked Juice is misleading, to say the least, and immoral, unethical and simply put - wrong. Naked Juice is not the only one, but because PepsiCo is such a big company, it is a great example.

There were even numerous lawsuits about the "healthy" claims. PepsiCo defended themselves stating that the ingredients hide nothing, and how all the sugar in the Naked Juice comes from fruit, and that 0% is added. While that is probably true, it doesn't make the beverage healthy. With so many obese, unhealthy and people unhappy with their looks, recommending something like Naked Juice to them as a healthy solution is just plain awful.

The Bottom Line

You should stick to eating your calories, not drinking them. Yes, juices and smoothies are easy to carry and are good sources or vitamins and minerals. But an apple doesn't take up more space than a bottle of juice! Yes, we know that we sound like your grandmother, but it is simply true.

Still, if you live a busy life, and you are trying to stay healthy, go ahead, and make your own juice and put it in your smoothie. Just make sure you count the calories and the total sugar intake. Remember veggies>fruits; they have more fiber, fewer calories, and also have a lot of minerals and vitamins.

What about the juices you buy at the store? Avoid them. Naked Juice is an excellent example of why. Packed with sugar plus a ton of empty calories with significantly outweighs any minerals and vitamins it might contain. All but healthy. You absolutely don't need it in your life.


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