10 Steps To Follow Whenever You Are Hungry But No Appetite To Eat

By Jessica Kelley | Health

10-Steps-To-Follow-Whenever You Are Hungry-But-No-Appetite-To-Eat

Virtually everyone has been in a state whereby we are hungry but no appetite to eat. This state shouldn’t cause us too much panic because it is something that occurs due to our physical or mental state, and it could be easily figured out by necessary steps.

A lot of reasons could be responsible for loss of appetites, such as depression, illness, heavy smoking, sedentary lifestyle, aging, anxiety, and lots more of issues. What these do to the body system is that it slows down the body metabolism, which makes one loses his/her sense of taste.

If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t need to feel daunted anymore about it because I will be revealing to you incredible steps to help boost your appetite to eat when you are hungry.

1. Increase The Amount of Your Water Intake


One sure cause of decrease or loss of appetite is dehydration. One major constituent needed for a rapid body metabolism is water. If this is not present in a reasonable quantity, metabolism will become slow thus leading to loss of appetite. So try as much as you can to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily unless stated otherwise by your doctor due to some health reasons.

2. Do Not Eat Alone


This may sound pretty crazy to you, but truth be told, it is another pre-requisite that may lead to loss of appetite. It has been proven over time that you tend to arouse your appetite when you engage in group lunch or dinner. Also, some people find it difficult to eat food prepared by them. If you find yourself in this position, the best option to adopt is to invite friends, or better still eat together with your family. This will help to trigger your appetite.

3. Get Some Sleep


The human system is designed in such a way that when it is over-stretched or over-worked, it begins to act funny. This may be the case of loss of appetite. The brain works hand-in-hand with the body, but when the body is stressed out it may not send the necessary signals to the brain informing it that the system needs some food. So whenever you feel stressed out, get some sleep or even a nap to help re-energize the system and place it in a position that keeps your appetite intact.

4. Engage In Decent Exercise


This is one effective step to follow when you are hungry but no appetite to eat. Light exercise like jogging or even walking can help whet your appetite. What this does to the body is that it stimulates the body, and create an energy space reminding you that you need food to fill up the space created. This method has worked for a countless number of people, and it is still working wonders in boosting appetite level. But if you feel too sick to engage in moderate exercise, just opt for a nap.

5. Try Other Delicacies

Avoid repeating a particular set of meals over and over again. Loss of appetite could arise if the body system is bore of certain meals. Try introducing some new delicacies other than a dull meal routine. Be adventurous in your cooking by picking up your cooking manual and try something different from what you are used to. You can even have a fun fare with your neighbors (depending on your relationship with them) by swapping recipe. There is always an excitement in doing something new, and this helps to stimulate the body system thus arousing appetite.

6. Eat Light And Smaller Quantity of Meals But Make It More Frequent

Breaking down your meals into smaller fragments instead of focusing on eating just three heavy meals can help boost your appetite. Psychologically, when you feed anything in small quantity, there is always a desire to want more. The same applies to the body system. When going for these meals, make sure they are highly nutritious and digestible. Light snacks like yogurt, cheese, veggie soup, whole-grain crackers, toasted wheat, etc. are all nice choices to opt for.

7. Eat More Fruits

Fruit hungry but no appetite

You can boost your appetite by eating more fruits. Certain fruits such as blackberries, apples, oranges, grapes contain some constituents that aid digestion process, thus stimulating hunger.

8. Add More Flavor To Your Food


Our sense of smell has a role to play in having an excellent appetite for food. Meals that are well garnished and flavored, with good aroma tend to improve our taste. So if you are hungry but no appetite to eat, you can help yourself by augmenting your meals with nice flavors. Typical flavor additives include garlic, extra virgin olive oil, onions and flavored vinegars. Other spices include cloves, turmeric (this also aids digestion), ginger and cinnamon.

9. Take Herbal Supplements


Taking dietary supplements like natural appetite stimulant and multi-vitamins can improve your appetite significantly. According to Dr. Lisa Young, author of The Portion Teller Plan, "Certain dietary supplements and herbal supplements i.e., the over-the-counter vitamins you get in health stores have been shown to increase appetite in some people”. Some supplement peels may work differently for individuals because the body system reacts differently from each other. So go for the one that works best for you and stick to it or maximum result.

10. Speak To Your General Practitioner


The main cause of loss of appetite is anxiety and depression. After trying all the steps listed above and you still find yourself struggling to get appetite, the last option to use is to visit your doctor for help. He could prescribe medication for you that will stimulate your appetite. Also, doctors are also in a pole position to recommend exercise programs that will boost your appetite.


Having gone through this write-up, I hope you now understand that loss of appetite is a condition that can happen to anyone depending on the condition responsible for it. This shouldn’t cause any form of worry to you because with all these steps listed, and you will surely get over it. Your comments and observations are highly welcome because your ultimate satisfaction is what I desire.


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