How Wheatgrass Powder is Made?

By Jessica Kelley | Best Supplements


After understanding the key benefits of wheatgrass, we are sure that you would want to add it more in your routine life. Well, this ingredient can be used in couple of recipes, not just the juice but to make smoothies or salads, etc. You can easily prepare wheatgrass powder at home.

To begin with, you should start by soaking the wheat grains overnight in water. You have to decide whether or not you would like to use soil for the growth of wheatgrass or not. There are a couple of reasons why people like to use soil for the wheatgrass cultivation at home.

For starters, if a plant is fed with more nutrients from outside, it is sure to be equipped with more nutrients inside. It is a straightforward trade. Just like with us humans, if we take good and healthy diet, we are more energetic and resourceful. Identically, soil provide the finest nutrition to the plant that without soil cultivation can never give.

Also, there is rapid harvest of wheatgrass if you use the soil, unlike the substitute method. The initial harvest however is the sweetest. If you are growing wheatgrass without using soil then the prime focus should be on rinsing through the grains many times in a day. On the contrary, in case of soil incorporation, simply put some water on the soil, set it damp, add the grains and put it in a sunny spot for the grains to grow.

You have to keep monitoring the grass in its growth period. Once it is 4 – 6 inches long and is split in various strands then this means its time for the harvest. It does not take more than 8 – 10 days. If you cut it a little way up then this will boost the new growth. It will also prevent any possible problem of mould that might be occurring near the wheat grains or soil.

One more thing that you should know about this process is that the wheatgrass takes minimal space in the pot. You can also easily grow it inside a wall hung planter to safe space and it will also an element of beauty in your house.

Now, simply rinse the harvested wheatgrass and lay it on the dehydrator tray for drying purpose. It is important to position it in thinner layers so that the grass can dry out swiftly.

If you don’t possess a dehydrator then you can also carry forward the process by using oven. Try using the machine on the lowest heat so that the grass doesn’t get hampered inside. While there is also a conventional method of drying the grass i.e. by setting it in open sunlight but this might take few days for the grass to become completely dry.

Once the grass is completely dry, you can run it in the blender and make nice powder to use it in your daily recipes. If you have a coffee grinder then prefer using it for finer grounds of the grass.


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