How To Wear A Knee Brace?

By Walter Oconner | Best Fitness Gear


There can be some kind of knee injury or an operation that explains the pain in the knee and urging the need of wearing a knee brace. While buying  product is easy, wearing it with a right technique is complicated for many.

So, in this part, we will discuss the right way to wear a knee brace. Let’s go:

1. Choosing the Right Style of Brace

The injury type decides the kind of knee brace that will be suitable for a certain kind of user. People with mild sprain can be fine with a simple compression sleeve. However, for serious fracture or tear, you might have to pick a heavy-duty hinge brace that is reinforced with metal or plastic.

  • It is best to get a prescribed brace as suggested by the physical therapist or a doctor. This is mostly done after diagnosing the patient and acknowledging the severity of the injury. There could be a probability of error in selecting the right model and if the brace doesn’t fit perfectly then you should again visit the doctor and consult for the same.
  • Fitting plays a significant role as far as knee brace is concerned. You should better let them know so that they can recommend you a replacement. If you are buying from a commercial store then its best to read the label carefully as most of the products are available in standard sizes.
  • Consult the doctor for a second brace for hygiene purpose. It is best to wash the braces periodically and during that time, you can use a second brace.

2. Pull the Brace Over the Knee

Wearing a knee brace is actually pretty simple. Start by rolling the pants above the knee level so that they cannot cause any hindrance in seamless wearing. Now, slip your foot from the top of the brace and fit it at the knee. Rest it firmly on the knee so that it doesn’t accidentally slide down.

If you are using a wrap brace then target the knee area and wrap it firmly on the knee. Make sure that you wind the straps to lock the brace at one place.

3. Centre the Brace on your Kneecap

There are braces that have small holes to suggest the way where the straps have to go. It is important to wear the kneecap correctly and make sure it’s comfortable enough. Also, make sure that the skin beneath the brace fully ventilated. Make sure that the brace is aligned so that the hole doesn’t cause any trouble to the skin. Also, make sure that the brace is fixed in one place.

Don’t forget to tighten the straps. While doing so, make sure that at least two of your fingers fit inside the brace. When you are satisfied, with the fit, simply tighten your straps.

Implications of Improper Brace Fitting

We have repeatedly claimed that the fitting of the brace should be perfect. The reason is that if the brace is too loose then it will probably slide down your leg. And if it is too tight then it might just further cause harm to the injury and heightens the pain. It can also cut off the circulation and pinch the skin which can lead to numbness in the leg, swelling, tingling, etc.

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