How to Use Kojic Acid Soap for Skin Lightening?

By Jessica Kelley | Skin Health


Scientifically saying, kojic acid helps in preventing the creation of tyrosinase in the skin. This is an enzyme that restrains melanin production. Technically, the kojic acid blocks the functioning of catecholase that helps in building melanin in the skin.

The ultimate solution is by routinely using the kojic acid soap. For as long as you will use the soap, the results will be there. However, just like any other beauty product, the results will last for a certain period. But to ensure lasting benefits, you will have to continue the usage.

How to Apply?

The usage of the product is quite straightforward. Just like any other soap, you can apply it to the body. The lather is created by rubbing the soap gently on the body. Let it rest for 4-5 minutes as it will exfoliate the skin from deep inside and then rinse it with the cold water. You can increase or decrease the time of resting as per the instructions mentioned on the soap cover. Some of the soaps have chemical components in them so leaving them on for a long time might result in drying the skin. So, always read the label before using the soap.

It can also be applied on the face and the phenomenon is extremely simple here as well. The kojic acid skin whitening soap should be applied very carefully during the first few days. The skin doctors recommend to allow the soap set on your skin for not more than 30 seconds and watch out for any kind of allergies. If your skin shows incompatible results with the soap then you should probably quit using it.

However, if the soap seems to suit you then after three days, you should increase the set time with 15 additional seconds. Keep increasing the time till you reach the usage of 4 minutes every day. This can be divided into multiple washes. Never leave the soap on for 4 minutes in a single wash. It will dry your skin and might react unsuitably. With every increase of the time, keep a constant watch for the reaction of soap on the skin. Any time you feel your skin has started to react, consult the skin specialist or limit the usage time.

The whole agenda is that every skin is different and its requirement varies. There is no pre-set time of 4 minutes. You should allow the soap to sit on your skin for as long as the skin can bear and result suitably.

The Benefits

The kojic acid soap is quite a potential and result-driven product. It has resulted surprisingly well for many people. Plus, the additional perk will be that it does not has any extreme reaction to the skin. Like any other ingredient or product, it could react little oddly to highly sensitive skin but there are no extreme concerns. There are skin whitening products that usually contain harsh chemicals called hydroquinone. Such products can react badly to the skin and worsen the problem. But the kojic acid soaps are free from all kind of harsh chemicals and thus they are relatively safe to use.

Also, over time, you will experience dullness of the skin, age spots, acne scars, and various other hyperpigmentation problems. All these things will lead to unhealthy and spotty skin.  The kojic acid soap gently exfoliates the upper layer of the skin while removing all the dead cells. These cells mostly make a cloudy layer on the skin which is not only dull but also completely lifeless and dark. By removing the skin, you will discover more moisturized and supple skin.    


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