How to Tighten Crepey Skin On Neck Advised By Experts

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How to tighten crepey skin on neck? Here are some ways recommended by experts to erase time traces on your body and achieve a younger-looking neck and chest. 
As time passes by, we all gradually get old with the appearance of clear signs of aging. The most visible of them is crepey skin - the little yet apparent layers of wrinkles yelling out to the world that your body is no more elastic as ever before. 

How Can You Recognize Your Crepey Skin?

Most visibly, look at your elbow or knee! THAT is crepey skin or sometimes called the “elephant skin” for its wrinkled, crepe-like texture. 

That’s how the crepey look like on your elbow! 
Especially, our neck is the body part that is super easy to get visibly crepey and tells the truth of your aging. That’s why lots of women also pay much attention to take care of their neck skin as much as their faces. 

The neck is the area where you can easily spot crepey skin. 
Then comes the question: Is it possible and how to tighten crepey skin on the neck? 
The good news is...
You totally CAN prevent and fix your wrinkled skin - though it’s not really easy. Here I’ll show you how to tighten crepey skin on neck - the most visible part of aging! 

8 Expertise Ways That Really Helps to Tighten Your Crepey Neck Skin

Yes, you may have heard of thousands of ways of caring and treating your wrinkled neck. But have a look at these, because they are the solutions that are TRULY EFFECTIVE - according to experts!
Well, they are...

Laser treatment

This is considered the BEST solution for crepey skin on neck and also several other skin problems. A series of anti-aging laser treatments can be either non-invasive treatments on a surface or deep lasers for healthy, young skin.

Laser treatment - the greatest therapy to fix your crepey neck
Based on the level of invasion you want onto your skin, the laser treatments can be divided into several levels such as: 

● Skin Tightening Laser Treatment

As an alternative to Botox and plastic surgery, this laser treatment uses heat to tighten your crepey neck skin and reduce fat cells. The best thing about this is that it is totally NON-INVASIVE and can be done on any body area!

● Micro Injury Treatment 

These days, more and more people use micro needling with serums to fix their crinkle neck skin. Minimally invasive yet DOES go through the skin, this procedure helps to create microchannels delivering serum and nutrition into your skin to boost its natural healing process. 

● Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment

This is an ablative laser treatment (the one that creates a wound response to incite body’s healthy healing) that penetrates deeply into the skin dermis. That also means you’ll need some time to recover and get associated with this treatment. But the results are really worth it!
This treatment is a common solution to wrinkled, crepey skin and neck sagging. It includes 2 types, which are:

● Kybella Injections

This injectable treatment literally means to MELT FAT UNDER YOUR CHIN. Doctors will use several injects (depending on each person’s need) to remove the fat under your chin and tighten the skin.

● BOTOX Injections

This is quite a common wrinkle treatment that lots of celebs are applying. Well, everything got a reason!
Though mostly used to fix forehead wrinkles and lip lines, some doctors realize that this treatment can also treat crepey skin on neck successfully.
Before your neck skin begins to sag, it would be better if you PREVENT it by using cream care at home.

“Armed” yourself for the aging combat simply with creams for neck
Well, start to find formations with these elements:

● Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This antioxidant can be produced naturally in our body. But as I said before, with time our bodies get aged and can’t produce enough protein to combat aging, so it’s necessary that we stay there all the time to support it!
● Retinol

No need to say much about this MAGICAL element which boosts the regeneration of our skin cells, thereby helping the skin itself become smoother, brighter and producing more collagen.
● Vitamin C

This is also an essential ingredient for your skin to stay young as ever, for its antioxidant capacity and perfect work to slow down the loss of collagen and elastin in our skin.
Yes, now you know that you are totally able to prevent and fix your aging traces. About how to tighten crepey skin on the neck, follow our instructions on laser treatments, injections and creams care! You can’t hide away from aging, but you can choose to age beautifully and slowly!
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