How to Relax your Sphincter Muscle with 4 Exercises

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There are numerous muscles in our body that help in the right functioning and sphincter muscles are one of them. These muscles are in the form of a ring in the lower rectum and anus. It mainly controls the closing and opening of our anus so that we pass the stool easily.

Sometimes, when the sphincter muscles become unable to get relaxed, it results in the formation of constipation and discomfort. So, how to relax your sphincter muscle in a natural way?

Well! Few sphincter muscle exercises help in the relaxation of these muscles. You have to do them regularly for fetching good results. 

In the below article, we will discuss with you about the sphincter muscle exercises along with some useful information so that you can rid of this muscle damage soon.

What is the Function of Sphincter Muscles in our Body?

The central closing part of our intestinal tract is the anal canal which maintains and excretes the faecal incontinence. It mainly divided into three sections lower section, an upper section, and the longitudinal folds. The sphincter muscles are found in the lower section nearby the anus.  

There is a lubricated membrane covering in the anal canal that directs signals to our brain in case of the full bowel. The sphincter muscles aid in inhibiting the rectum’s undesirable faeces traveling to the anal canal.

The internal sphincter of our body certifies that rectum does not get open in case of poor sleep or unconsciousness state. The rectum’s nerve responses relax the internal sphincter for opening the neck of rectal. After all this, the contraction takes place in the external muscle for the excretion.

What is Sphincter Muscle Damage?

The sphincter muscle damage means the injury to the muscle around the anal canal. The sphincter muscles comprise two muscles, i.e., external sphincter muscle and internal sphincter. Both these muscles help in controlling the bowel movements. If one (or both) of these muscles get damaged, then it might cause an inability in human to control the actions of the bowel.

The damage to the sphincter muscle might happen due to the obstetrical trauma, rectal surgery, anal surgery, and some strain to the rectum. In fact, sometimes these muscles become so weekend that it cannot hold the anus more from preventing the stool leakage. It might also result in the enduring faecal incontinence.

The following are some common causes of the sphincter muscles damage:

Injury To The Pudendal Nerves

The pudendal nerves in our body stimulate the sphincter muscles. People who are suffering from the pudendal nerve’s injury does not know that when their stool will come out or which is the best time of stool excretion. If somehow these nerves get injured then it makes the person unable to close and open the sphincter muscles for discharge. In fact, such people lost their sense regarding the defecation or making a comparison between stool and gas.

Vaginal Birth

At the time of giving birth to a child through the vagina, the sphincter muscles get damaged and stretched during the delivery. Before the birth of the child, the child should have toly fit inside the connective tissue properly, and pelvic muscles and that is why tearing and stretching happens at that time. The damage mainly caused when the baby is huge or if the duration of the labor is prolonged.

Injury to The Anus

The damage to the anus is commonly begun by the rectal or anal operation, like haemorrhoidectomy.

Which is the Best Way to Diagnose the Sphincter Muscles Injury?

The best way to diagnose the injury to the sphincter muscles is through the physical examination and history analysis of the patient. The physical examination comprises of the detailed study of the anus by an expert doctor like Rectal or colon surgeon with the help of digital test.

In the historical analysis, the primary stress laid on the patient's earlier anorectal surgeries, inability to control stool or gas, obstetrical history, present bowel practices and pain to the anal canal.

There are few other tests also which can conduct like MRI and anal manometry for measuring the anal canal’s pressure along with the endoanal ultrasound for checking the external and internal sphincter muscles of the anus.

Few Important Sphincter Muscle Exercises

People who are facing the issues like internal sphincter muscle problems, leakage of faeces or faecal incontinence can do some exercises which can benefit them in strengthening the sphincter muscles.

By doing the below exercises regularly, the muscles get build up quickly. However, before beginning these exercises, you should talk to your doctor or health professional once.

Kegel Exercises


The best way to strengthen the sphincter muscles around the female and male urethra is to do the Kegel exercises. The sphincter located in the bladder towards the outer body helps in controlling the flow of the bladder's urine from the urethra. When these muscles get stronger, the problem of incontinence also gets prevented.

You have to stand or sit in the comfiest position and do the contraction of the pelvic muscles just like you do while holding your urine. Do the higher and tighter contraction so that the muscles move in the upward direction like an elevator.

Bladder Training

By exercising the sphincter muscles around the urethra and doing the contraction of the pelvic muscles while sitting on the toilet's seat during the urge to go washroom is also an excellent exercise for the muscles.
You have to stop and start the flow of urine with your own will. Such exercise named as bladder training which commonly used for curing the problem of urinary incontinence in the elder people. But you should not do this exercise too much as exaggeration might result in the reduced bladder control in place of better bladder control.

Squeezing and Contracting the Anal Sphincter

Exercising the anal sphincter muscles, i.e., the ani externus, sphincter ani internus, and external/internal anal sphincters also benefit in relaxing the sphincter muscles you have to tighten and squeeze the anus at the time of lying down, sitting or standing.
You can sense the contraction in the muscles while doing the squeezing. However, you have to make your urinary sphincter and pelvic muscles relaxed at this time. You can do the contraction exercise ten times in a day. 

Pelvis tilts


You may do the exercise of the anal sphincter muscles, and urinary muscles with the pelvis tilt. You can practice this exercise many times in a day.
Just lie on the floor with your bend knees on the back and makes your arms relaxed on the sides. Now, pull the muscles of the lower belly and tuck the pelvis marginally inward and upward. Gradually lift the buttocks and hips upward along with the contraction of the sphincters. Do the squeezing of the buttocks and anal muscles vigorously and tighten the pelvic muscles. Hold this position for 5 seconds and come back to the starting position again.

The Bottom Lines

We hope that now you get the answer to your query "how to relax your sphincter muscles." With the right diagnose and by doing regular exercises you can overcome the problem of sphincter muscles damage soon.

If you still have any doubt in your mind regarding the above topic then, please let us know. We will solve your doubt as soon as possible.

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