How To Measure For A Knee Brace?

By Walter Oconner | Best Fitness Gear


There are some fundamentals in finding the right size of a knee brace. Considering the cruciality of buying the accurate size, we will here discuss some information to help you get the right size.

  • You can get started by measuring the knee using a flexible measuring tape. The best tape to use here is the one used in sewing. Such tapes are helpful in measuring the body parts and are too flexible to conveniently do the job. Measure the circumference of the knee.
  • It is best to find help to do the task. Best choice is to ask your physiotherapist to do the measuring because he will be able to position your leg in the right way to get the appropriate size.
  • It is best to keep in standing position while measuring. This helps in accurate reading of the knee size. The knee is also expected to have a small bent of 30 degrees. If your leg pain doesn’t allow you to stand then you can take the measurement while sitting and resting the leg on 90 degrees.
  • Now, its time to locate the centre of the knee. Place the end of the measuring tape over there and wrap it around the entire knee to get the exact size. Read the measurement point and note it down.
  • While measuring, you also need dimensions for above and below of the knee. For this, you should identify the spot that pains the most and mark it. There are knee braces that will require measurements above and below the major paining spot. It is suggested to measure up to 6 inches up from that spot and mark that point also. Repeat the same for below the knee part as well.
  • Now, ask someone to make exact measurement of the complete area.

These can be close measurements but all the manufacturers have different dimensions. You should check with the manufacturer’s website to find out if your measurements are a match with their product size. Only this way, you will be able to find a perfectly fitting brace.

Additional Tip

Usually, the physiotherapists or knee doctors have specimen pieces that you should rather try on before making a purchase. If somehow you get the exact piece fitting ideally then there is no point of going through all the trouble and measuring the size.

Wear the knee brace and walk and bend the leg to see if the product is comfortable or not. It should technically feel comfortably snug. If you think that size is comfortable but somehow it is sliding down then best is to go up with it. Initial uneasiness is bearable but this can cause a lot of trouble as the brace will take a stretch as well and loosen up on you.


There are various sizes and shapes available in knee brace. The size that you measure may or may not meet the exact size with any commercial brand. That is why, you are highly recommended to either seek suggestion from a doctor or simply go to a knee brace outlet and try a few pieces to find the most suitable one.

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