How To Fix Crepey Skin Effectively With 6 Home Remedies

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Almost everyone has experienced having crepey skin. Also known as Crepe Paper Skin, the texture os skin becomes like that of an elephant, i.e., with a crepe texture. At first sight, this looks weird and scary, but the good part is that it is treatable.

What is Crepey Skin?

Crepey Skin is a result of many factors and not just age. It is also a result of low levels of proteins such as Collagen and elastin, the absence of which resists your skin to contract.

This protein starts to reduce as you enter your early 30’s and eventually crepey skin comes up. It explains the reason as to why people term it as an age-related consequence. This kind of skin will not pop up suddenly like an acne. Instead, it will take several months or might be years to show up finally. The best part is that you can always utilize that time to prevent it and treat it.

What Are the Reasons Behind Crepey Skin?

While age is a primary reason behind crepey skin, there are other factors too that contribute to this state. The other factors that cause crepey skin are:

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    Weight Loss and Gain
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    Unhealthy Nutritional Choices
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    Excess Exposure to Sun
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    As mentioned earlier, Collagen and Elastin are two main proteins that provide flexibility to the skin. The dip in the level of these proteins results in wrinkle and sag. The protein levels usually start to reduce with age, mainly near the face, hands and neck area. Hence, providing a crepey look.

    In addition to this, dehydration is also one of the reasons behind having a crepey skin. With water deprivation, the skins start to dry with age. Eventually, even the oil-producing glands stop functioning and resulting in the crepey skin.


    Dieting may also be a cause of crepey skin. It is evident that excess of everything is bad, and so is the case with dieting. With the surplus loss of fat, the skin tends to become thinner. 

    The fat is the main component beneath the surface that supports it and prevents wrinkles. In the absence of even little fat, your skin might turn into the crepey skin.

    You might have also wondered as to how can sun exposure result in the crepey skin. Well, it does. It is imperative for you to moisturize your skin and prevent it from over sun exposure. Your skin must have enough moisture, whether externally or internally.

    Moisture is a must to wake up the dead cells and even get rid of them. It is better to use a cream or lotion with antioxidants, and Vitamin A, C or E in it as that will add to your skin’s health. Hence, applying sunscreens and lotions will help you avoid crepey skin for a long time.

    How Effective is Crepe Erase?

    Crepe Erase is a modern anti-aging system that claims to make use of different kinds of moisturizers and lotions to get rid of the crepey skin that you might have on any part of your body. 

    ​However, the question is “Does Crepe Erase work?”. It claims to contain a plant extract that is said to help users get rid of the crepey skin. Although crepe eraser claims to show results in first use, the user reviews reveal a different story.

    Most of the customers have reported that the ingredients are most effective in cases of moisturization. But is the product a proven one?

    Well, to be honest, Not actually. Even though Crepe Erase claims to have “proven visible results,” there is no such evidence on the website. In addition to this, even no third party endorses their claim.

    To sum up, we will not recommend you to opt Crepe Eraser for crepey skin, but that won’t work along. Instead, you will need to use some other remedies as well with Crepe Eraser to get the best results.

    Solution For Crepey Skin At Your Home

    We reached out to many people who have experienced crepey skin, and most of them recommended to use a home remedy. There are many home remedies available for crepey skin, and they have shown the best results till now. Here are some of the home remedies that you can try to get rid of the crepey skin.

    1. Massage


    You might not be able to afford a full body massage, but regular massage can be done at home as well. All you need to do is to massage the skin well wherever there is crepey skin. It will help you to get rid of that thin layer and paper appearance of the skin. You can also go for regular facial exercise if you find it hard to make time for a massage. Make sure you repeat this at least three times a day to get the best results.

    *Step 1: For a massage at home, you can take any oil such as lavender oil, olive oil, etc. Please note that coconut oil has shown the best results till now.

    *Step 2: If you are doing this process in winter, make sure to warm the oil a little.

    *Step 3: Take some oil into your hand apply on the affected area. Gently start massaging your neck and arms with the oil in the upward direction. Make sure that throughout the massage process you move your skin in the upwards direction that will help to lift it and provide much-needed elasticity.

    2. Moisturize As Much As You can


    The key to getting rid of creepy skin is moisturisation! As explained earlier, lack of moisture is also one of the key reasons behind the crepey skin. You must moisturize your body from head to toe and massage well. You can always make a homemade moisturizer using honey and oil and use it every day.

    *Step 1: To make the moisturizer, get hold of some honey and oil. It is recommended to use organic honey as that will be free from any processed or artificial ingredient. For oil, you can choose coconut oil.

    *Step 2: Take equal quantities of honey and oil and mix them together. Pour some of it into your hand and start applying it gently all over the skin.

    *Step 3: Massage with it in the upward direction and make sure your skin well absorbs it.Once done, rinse it off with warm water to get rid of the stickiness of honey.

    For Best Results: Do this two times a day for at least four weeks. 

    3. Exfoliate


    You might not have known that manual exfoliation also helps to trigger elastin and collagen production in the body. You may use some ready made exfoliators or even make one at home. All you need is sugar and oil to make a scrub.

    *Step 1: Take some sugar and oil in the ratio of 1:2. While sugar contains much-needed alpha hydroxyl acid, olive oil is best at hydration.

    *Step 2: To make the scrub, mix them and apply all over the affected area. The sugar crystals will help to get rid of the dead cells and simultaneously hydrating the skin. After a massage of a few minutes, rinse off with warm water.

    4. Exercise

    Exercise is indeed one of the best home remedies for crepey skin. As mentioned above, the lack of regular exercise is also one of the reasons behind the crepey skin. Hence, Exercise is a must! Regular exercise will bring back the flexibility in your muscles and promote the increase in the level of Elastin and Collagen. If you are one of those people who are on short on time, then follow these simple yoga poses to cope up with much-needed Exercise:

    *Breathing: Breathing is one of those exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere. In this exercise, you need to breathe via your nose. Just imagine that you possess an imaginary belt around your belly. As you breathe, make sure to expand it in all direction i.e. front, back, sideways, etc. It will provide your skin with the much-needed flexibility and relieve you from the Crepey skin.


    *Warrior Yoga Pose: This will help you to strengthen the skin near your arms, legs, and abs. To do this pose, you need to first stand with your feet apart. Keep your right foot facing the side while the left one slightly turned inside. As you exhale, bend your right knee and as you inhale spread your arms to your side. Along with this, turn your head to the right and keep it there for nearly 15-30 seconds.

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    5. Collagen Supplement

    If you are searching for some straightforward and convenient method to get rid of that crepey skin, then try gelatin. Gelatin comes under the list of best approaches to deal with crepey skin. 



    You can directly consume gelatin or opt for any gelatin based product such as Perfotek Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder (Amazon) . It has total 11 g of hydrolyzed collagen and all you need to do is, have some amount of it regularly. To get the best results, use it for at least 4 weeks and refer to the package for dosage.

    6. Moisturizing Cream


    Honeyskin Moisturizer Cream (Amazon) comes packed with Aloe Barbadensis gel, coconut oil, along with a list of excellent ingredients. This product has one of the best reviews when it comes to dealing with crepe skin. Although one-time usage per day will also show results, there will be more efficient results when you apply it twice a day. To get the best results, use it for at least eight weeks and refer to the package for daily usage.

    As an alternative, there are other remedies as well, such as Laser Treatments, Retin-A, etc. but they are no only expensive but may also have side effects. Home Remedies are a better alternative as they cheap and safe. If you have some suggestions or any experience to share, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!


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