What Are The Benefits When You Drink Green Tea Before Workout (You May Need #4)

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Also known, as the “Miracle Drink,” Green Tea has a never-ending list of benefits such as weight loss, healthy heart, oral health, etc. The antioxidants in green tea are the sole reason behind its bundle of advantages. You might have also heard that having Green Tea before workout shows amazing results. Well, that is true.

All of us work hard to stay in shape and lose excess weight. What is more satisfying than a drink that helps us achieve our target? As per the study by the University of Maryland, Green Tea has shown results of boosting metabolism and burning fat.


Studies at Penn State University reveal that the combination of consistent exercise and Green Tea has positive effects in burning calories. The science behind this research says that having the right amount of caffeine before a workout gives you sufficient energy to exercise more and eventually burn more calories.

Irrespective of the fact that you work or not, Green tea still helps in boosting metabolism and getting rid of excess flab. A weak metabolism is one of the reasons behind putting on excess weight.  

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The researchers of American Clinical Nutrition conducted a study with 12 men to test the effectiveness of Green Tea and Exercise together. In the study, they provided them with a capsule having green tea extract. 

One capsule was an alternative for 3.5 cups of green tea. When the group of men did their routine exercise after taking the pill, the research showed an entirely different set of results. The placebo helped the people to burn 17% more fat with the same set of exercise.

What is The Logic behind Green Tea Before a Workout?

What is the connection behind having Green Tea before work out? While you workout, the hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and catecholamines are released. Further, these trigger the process of disintegration of fats while you work out. The catechins present in the green tea slow down this breakdown process. The process results in longer fat oxidation which results in the fewer formation of fat cells. Therefore, helping you to lose excess weight quickly. No wonder why it is known as the “healthiest drink in the world.”

Why Brew a Cup of Green Tea Before Work Out?

1. Increased Performance

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Green Tea has caffeine, although little in content, it helps to boost energy level and improves efficiency. Caffeine is reported to stimulate energy in the body and eventually to make you perform better and exercise more. The better your performance, the better will be the results. Also, with the increased efficiency level you will take lesser time to gain fitness level and maintain good body shape. Hence, making Green Tea your perfect pre-workout drink.

2. Improved Metabolism

What are the benefits when you drink green tea before workout

Green Tea is known to be the best means to boost your metabolism. A healthy metabolism is a key factor behind, lean figure and good health. The catechins are the key components in the Green Tea and are responsible for improving the metabolism in your body. With boosted metabolism there is lower fat accumulation in the body; hence you do not gain excess weight and stay fit.

3. Improved Circulation

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Green Tea before a workout not only helps in improved metabolism and performance but also in improved blood flow. Improved circulation in the body further contributes to keeping heart diseases at bay. 

Green Tea has medicinal properties that enhance the performance of cells that edge the capillaries. Researchers found that regular consumption of Green Tea leads to widening of arteries and hence reducing chances of blood clots.

4. Less Pain

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The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Green Tea help to combat pain. As per a research by the University of Michigan, Green tea has compounds that contribute to deal with inflammation and pain in the body. Green Tea consists of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce pain.

It curbs inflammation and joint damage, hence reducing the intensity of pain.

5. Helps in Muscle Building

Drink green tea before workout

Green Tea is the key component in body building.  Having Green Tea before a workout increases the production of a growth hormone called HGH (human growth hormone). Increased levels of HGH hormone decreases the fat build up, assists muscle mass and improves overall health.

In addition to this, increased level of HGH is also responsible for upgrading mental and physical performance. As you do rigorous workouts, the antioxidants in green tea help to preserve muscle cell. They also help in regeneration and eventually enhancing the quality of the workout.


Green Tea alone would not have tremendous results, and hence you will have to put in your hard work. However, having the green tea before a workout, will enrich your body with antioxidants and help to enhance your performance. The best element about this is that there are almost no adverse or negative effects of having green tea. However, the benefits are enormous. Have you ever tried taking Green Tea before the workout? Share your experience and views with us because sharing is caring!

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