Flat Tummy Tea vs. Fit Tea – Which is Better for You?

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In this article, we discuss two popular choices, Flat Tummy Tea vs. Fit Tea. You have probably seen Instagram influencers marketing these teas, and in this piece, we will share some information about them. You will have more information on a single place that will help you decide if one, or both of these teas are the right option for yourself.

What Are Detox And Weight Loss Teas?

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People have been using teas for thousands of years for different purposes. So there is no doubt about the positive health effects of drinking tea, that is a common thing and a well-known fact. Still, nowadays, it seems like people are trying to reinvent the wheel, or rather rebrand it, selling teas for “new” effects they always had.

A general idea behind detox teas is that they speed up the process of removing toxins and chemicals from the gut. Toxic (leaky) gut can trigger a massive amount of problems throughout the whole organism. These can go from obvious ones like bloating, food irritability, all the way to skin conditions and even mental issues such as depression.

Detox teas soothe the toxic gut, reducing inflammation that is often the cause of it, removing or reducing the symptoms. In fact, most teas you buy have some positive effect on the organism.Most of the time, drinking detox teas will result in less bloating, which is why they are mistakenly labeled as "weight-loss." Most only reduce bloating, thus shrinking your waist, which also happens when you lose weight. The effect is similar, and easier to achieve but is not the same. Thinner waist does not mean you should not lose fat if you are overweight.

With most detox teas, weight loss comes as a part of the "detox program" that the tea follows, where you intake fewer calories, combined with the effect the tea has on your gut. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary. But don't expect to lose a # number of pounds of pure fat, just by drinking tea.

Flat Tummy Tea Introduction

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As its title suggests, Flat Tummy Tea formula will help you kick that bloating, reverting your tummy to that natural, flat state you have in the morning, before you taste any food.

This tea will help you cleanse and debloat, and it does that with a simple formula, filled with traditional ingredients used for generations. These include green tea, lemon balm, peppermint, dandelion, senna (!!!!) and other.

You are supposed to use Flat Tummy Tea in phases - first, you cleanse your body and reduce bloating, and then you are supposed to maintain the bloat-free results you achieved. Both phases have one thing (or should we say "tea") in common - “Activate” tea. The difference is that in the detox phase you drink the “Cleanse” tea, while in the maintenance phase you drink the “Maintain” tea, along with the “Activate” tea.

Flat Tummy Tea will increase energy levels while boosting your metabolism and detoxing your body. You can go for a two-week or four-week program.

Flat Tummy Tea vs. Fit Tea

Now, these two go head to head. As you can see, Flat Tummy Tea and Fit Tea have a lot in common. They both try to detox your body, reduce bloating and claim to help you lose weight. Even some of the ingredients match, such as green tea, which is a good thing. But there are differences.

In our eyes, the fact that Flat Tummy Tea contains senna, should not be taken lightly. Senna is a well-known laxative, even registered by the FDA. It is incredibly effective, but it is so potent, that long-term use is not recommended. In fact, it is so strong that it can completely halt the normal bowel movement. It is also quite irritable to the bowels and can cause diarrhea which can lead to dehydration, electrolyte disturbances and other issue tied to it. Still, senna is FDA-approved laxative, which means it is both effective and safe if used appropriately, but it is not a plant for casual, long term use.

Fit Tea does not contain senna, but it has guarana, a plant often found in energy drinks. While guarana will increase your energy levels, it can disrupt sleep. Fit Tea contains a lot of caffeine so make sure you drink Fit Tea only as described - in the morning, and avoid drinking it in the hours before bed.

Furthermore, Fit Tea is much more straightforward to use. Flat Tummy Tea programs consist of three teas that you have to drink on a schedule which is harder to follow and you will often forget. You are supposed to drink "Activate" in the morning, and the "Cleanse" every other night during the "Cleanse & Debloat" period. And later, during the "Maintain" period, you are still going to drink "Activate" upon waking up and switching the "Cleanse" with the "Maintain" tea you are supposed to drink once per week in the evening. Fit Tea, on the other hand, you drink in the morning, and that's it.

If we have to choose, we will go with Fit Tea. No Senna, more straightforward to use, and even a bit cheaper.

The Bottom Line

People, seriously, don't expect miracles, you won't get any. How can drinking a cup of anything once per day make you slim? Especially if you consider that each bag of tea has only a few grams of mixed ingredients. If losing weight was that easy, fat people would be non-existent.

Drinking tea is good for you, there's no denying that. But these "detox" teas have laxative purposes, and that's it. You excrete more, lose more water, and it will result in a flatter tummy. Even the manufacturers claim that if you want to lose weight, you have to restrict your diet and start an exercise program along with drinking their teas. The truth is that if you start an exercise program and cut back on your diet, you will lose weight even WITHOUT drinking the overpriced beverages. Plain green tea would get you pretty much the same health benefits, without the laxative effect, and only with a fraction of price.

Still, if you look at the morning cup of tea as an investment towards your health goals, go for it. Drink your cup, grab your gym bag and hit the treadmill. Once you get back, eat a salad, and you are good. Use that tea as a motivation to start your day right.

And if you want to choose one of the two teas we mentioned in this article, go for Fit Tea, it is a lot safer.









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