Feel Like Something is Crawling in My Ear! (5 Possible Causes)

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Are you among those who experienced this weird feeling of something is crawling in their ear? You might have been totally scared at one point, and we know how traumatic it is. You might have been wondering as to if it is a bug or an insect that is in your year, but to your relief, that might not always be the case. There can be many other reasons for such sensational crawling feeling, and in this guide, we will familiarize you with the causes and some practical remedies.

Why do you have this feeling? "feel like something is crawling in my ear"

Causes of The Crawling Feeling in Your Ear

Apart From your dread of having a bug in your ear, there are various reasons behind that tingling feeling in your ear. While for the most of them, you will be able to deal yourself, but you might have the need to consider a doctor in some. Let us discuss these causes in detail to help you arrive at a solution.

1. A Bug/Insect in your ear.

While it is not always the case, but there may be a possibility that there is a bug or insect in your ear.  There might be many reasons for that bug’s presence in your ear, ranging from the unhygienic environment to carelessness towards personal hygiene, etc.

In most cases, you will be able to deal with the bug yourself and with the help of a family member or friend, but in some cases, you might also require the need of the aid of the doctor.

2. Infection


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You might be relieved to know that it is not always the bug that is the cause but Infection in the ear is also among the top causes of that tickly feeling in your ear. If you do not clean your ear and due to any reason, it remains moist, it will develop fungal infections and hence give you that bug crawling feeling.

3. Wax Deposits

While a reasonable amount of wax in your ear is a necessary thing, too much of wax in the year will create a problem for you. Excess wax is not only unhygienic, but it might also be the cause of your tingling feeling. Hence, it is possible that what you may think of an insect crawling might just be some extra wax in your ear.

4. Sensory Feeling

When you feel a tingling feeling, and there might not be a physical cause behind it, then such a situation is called “Paraesthesia.” In such a case, when you will refer a doctor to the tingling feeling in your ear, after proper diagnosis he might just tell you that it is a “sensory thing.” The medical word for that sensory thing is paraesthesia and refers to just the feeling of something crawling in the ear.


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5. Muscle Spasm in Inner Ear

While this may sound unusual to you but for most people, the real cause behind such ticklish feeling is the muscle spasm. Muscle contractions in the ear stimulate the tingling and creepy feeling and hence making you feel as if something is crawling in your ear.

Remedies for Ticklish Feeling in Your Ear

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1. Use of Baby Oil

In case there is a bug in your ear and its presence it confirmed to you, then the best way to deal with it is to either remove it yourself. However, in most cases, it might not be visible to you, and hence you could use oil drops or baby oil in your ear. It will kill the insect, but for its removal, you will eventually need the help of a medical practitioner.

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Don't do this

2. Maintain Hygiene

The Best possible way to get rid of the tickly feeling is to maintain proper personal hygiene. If excess ear wax is the reason behind the crawling feeling, then you might consider dealing with the wax as the first step towards its treatment. 

Try clean wipes to remove the excess wax from your ear. If the wax is deep inside your ear, then you will need the help of a doctor for cleaning your ear.

Warning: Doctors advise not to use cotton swabs to clean ears

3. Dry Ear

If your ear has a fungal infection, then apart from the prescribed medicine/cream by the doctor, you must ensure to keep your ear dry. The moist ear is the sole reason behind the fungal infection. It is possible that you are a swimmer or rarely clean your ears. In such a case, ensure that you keep the area dry and clean to stimulate fast healing and prevention in future.

4. Alcohol/hydrogen peroxyde and Water

The tingling and crawling feeling may also be the result of some foreign element in your ear including a bug. In such a case, the best home remedy is to make use of alcohol/hydrogen peroxyde and water solution in the ear and flush away any foreign particles to clean your ear.

5. Use Ear Washer Tools

The Ear Washer Bottle System is a useful and effective tool to clean your ear than Q tips. You can check the video below to know exactly how to use it.

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There may be many reasons behind your feeling of something crawling in your ear and it is important to address your concern. While the reasons may vary from having bug in ear to muscle spasm, most of these can be catered through some home remedies. It is important to know the cause and act upon it. If you have experienced any such situation and have some feedback, we would love to hear from you!



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