Factors To Consider When Choosing Or Creating A Workout Routine

By Walter Oconner | Fitness & Exercises


Creating an effective system that will show results longterm without risking injuries depends on many factors. Here are some:

  • Health issues - if you have some chronic problems such as diabetes, or hypertension, working out can help, but make sure to consult your doctor first. Also, overweight people will need a different workout than people who are underweight. And of course, injuries - don't be hard headed, fighting through pain is never a good idea. You can always workout around your injuries if your program is smart enough. In fact, exercise will probably help your recovery, or make your life much easier if the injury is permanent. Just make sure to consult your doctor beforehand.
  • Gym experience - although muscles are built in the same way for everyone, what will work for a rookie probably won't be as effective for a veteran gym rat. Make sure you pick a routine suitable to your fitness and experience level. One note - beginners, don't try to build your own routines. Follow a program that is known to be beginner-friendly, and known to be both safe and effective. Creating your own routines will come later, please have patience.
  • Age - although gym veterans have a lot of experience, ego often stands in their way. They try to lift like younger athletes next to them, even though they probably can't. You need to adjust as you age if you want to save your health and maintain progress. This is even more true for older beginners who are pumping iron for the first time in their lives. Make sure to find a workout plan optimized for your age, or even better, hire a personal coach that will guide you through, until you learn the correct form.
  • Goals - different goals require different methods of reaching them. Do you want size, strength, better sports performance or to lose fat? You need to know what your priority is, and then choose a plan accordingly. Although you will get bigger as you get stronger, that doesn't mean that improving strength is the best way for improving size. If that was the case, powerlifting and bodybuilding would be the same thing..
  • The time you have - be honest with yourself, you need to know how much time you have for working out. Going once per week is much better than going twice every three weeks. Gym improvements are all about consistency and dedication. If you are a beginner, the best idea is to start slowly.
  • Equipment you have - this only matters for people who have home gyms. You need to exercise with what you've got, so try to utilize each piece of equipment as much as possible, for various body parts.

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