4 DHEA Bodybuilding Benefits

By Jessica Kelley | Best Supplements


While DHEA has a lot to offer, here are a few body building benefits this supplement offers. Let us discuss:

Fat Burner

A recent research has shown tremendous benefits of DHEA in burning fat. People consuming DHEA on daily basis have reported significant body fat loss off the abdomen area. Bringing to your knowledge, there is a receptor known as peroxisome proliferator which DHEA turns on. Furthermore, this receptor turns on the genes which increase fat burning and decrease fat storage.

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis conducted a research, according to which, 50 milligrams of DHEA per day for continuous six months showed abdominal fat loss. Not only that, but also insulin level was lowered, making it possible for the body to secrete insulin to drive glucose into the muscle cells.

However, fat storage becomes less and fat burning gets better with improved insulin sensitivity. Since insulin is an anabolic hormone, it boosts muscle growth by turning on the process in the muscle cells.

Improves Bone Density

While high DHEA levels lead to better bone density, low level of course, increases the risk of bone fractures. Taking DHEA supplement regularly for a year or two, shows improved bone density in older women. To experience best results, it is recommended to take the supplement for a pretty longer duration.

Hormone Booster

Undoubtedly, DHEA supplementation elevates testosterone levels in older men. According to a study by Iranian researchers, athletes who have had 100 milligrams of DHEA every day for four weeks, showed a drastic boost in their testosterone levels. When after four weeks, an experiment was done to see before and after results, the boost was pretty evident.

Now because improved testosterone levels promote muscle growth, sex drive, and strength, for any man, DHEA is definitely a must-have.

Aids Muscle and Joint Recovery

Japanese researchers talked about how high DHEA levels can be beneficial for overall health. While it reduces plaque build up in the blood vessels of animals, human beings showed 50 percent reduction in the deaths, due to cardiovascular disease. Increased muscle growth, strength, and energy, are few of the benefits that come with the consumption of DHEA.

Talking about muscle and joint recovery, DHEA prevents free-radical damage to critical organs. Moreover, the researchers at Minnesota Applied Research Center said, DHEA enhances immune functioning. For straight 4 weeks, the consumption of DHEA helps improve the functioning of critical immune cells. When immunity is strong, chances of getting sick or missing workouts is out of the dictionary.

Also, DHEA is an anti-cancer supplement as it works wonders on cancer tumors due to chemopreventive actions.

Remember, DHEA improves mood swings, brain functioning, decrease menopausal symptoms, reduce fat mass, address erectile dysfunction, enhances skin texture, increases muscle mass, address adrenal fatigue, address low libido, prevent infertility due to diabetes caused by less insulin levels, reduce vaginal dryness, effective for depression, slows down cognitive decline, prevents breast cancer, combat aging, slow down Parkinson’s disease, and much more.





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