What is Clear Liquid Coming Out of a Pimple? (Be Careful with #3)

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Pimples are of different types with a similarity that all kinds are unwanted. They are not only painful at times but also tend to leave permanent marks on your face. Most of you might also be experiencing the issue of a clear white liquid coming on your face along with a pimple.

You might be wondering about what it is and the reasons for it, and eventually running to doctors and dermatologists. The good news is that there is nothing to get panicked about as we have got it all covered.

We empathize with your pain and here is a well-researched information to answer “What is clear Liquid Coming out of a Pimple.”

Why Do Your Experience Acne?

It is important to know the cause of the root problem i.e. acne on your skin. Here are some reasons as to why are you experiencing zits.

  • *Exfoliation Deprived Skin- Your skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to get rid of the oil, dead skin and cells so that it looks fresh and new. In the absence of this, the result is Blackheads and Whiteheads, the two common types of acne.
  • *Hormonal Changes- Hormonal Changes account for a majority of acne breakout. The increase in the testosterone levels and fluctuations in the estrogen levels (in the case of women) pave the way for zits and acne.
  • *Pollution- With the deteriorated environmental situation it is really hard to stay away from the impact of environment deterioration. The pollutants affect the skin and react with the skin’s oil to result in acne and breakouts finally.

While these were the most common reasons for the breakout of acne, there can be other reasons too such as unhealthy diet, oily skin, lack of personal hygiene, etc. Let us now familiarize you the with the fluid that comes complimentary with the acne sometimes.

What is That Clear Liquid Coming Out of Pimple?

On consulting people, most of them will tell you that the white fluid that comes out with a pimple is the pus. They might be right in some cases but not all. There are other types of white fluid as well you might mistake as Pus : Serum, Bacteria fluid ,  Let us discuss these in detail.

1. Pus


Well, in many cases the white liquid in a pimple can be pus, and it can be infectious. These pimples are also known as pustules and must be treatment with utmost care. If they popped without care, the pus might fall on the nearby areas and hence spread the infection even more.

Popping these will not only increase the probability of spreading the pus and infection but also leave a permanent pimple mark on your skin. Hence, we do not advise you to pop a pimple.

Treatment Options

  • Consider your doctor or a dermatologist to provide you some medicate ointment that will dry a pimple, so it comes off itself.
  • You can also try some home remedies to deal with it yourself.

a) You can use Aloe Vera gel to apply on the pimple so that it dries in a few days. You will experience result overnight, and eventually, it will dry in a few days.

b) Water can also be very useful getting rid of pimples. Make sure you wash your face 3-4 times a day and also drink lots of water to clean your body from inside.

2. Serum


Via http://www.microbiologyinfo.com/

In some cases when the liquid is not pus but rather a fluid that may be transparent or pale yellow. It may be simply referred to as Serum. In medical terminology, it can also be referred to as Serous Fluid. It is a benign fluid that fills in the cavity in the body, in this case, your pimple. It is present in all body tissues and hence there is nothing to worry about as in case of pus.

If the fluid is red in color, then chances are that it has been mixed with some blood hence giving it a red color.

Treatment Options

  • You can use Apple Cider Vinegar with water in 1:3 ratio and apply it on the affected area to promote healing. This will ensure that your pimple is dried soon without letting the need of the water to come out.
  • If the liquid has been coming out for long or you also experience red liquid, we would recommend you to consider your dermatologist soon.

3. Bacteria

Yes, you heard it right! It is possible that your pimple is affected by bacteria and the liquid fluid coming out of it is just the bacteria breakdown. The liquid that comes out, in this case, is a mixture of white blood cells and bacteria. The presence of white blood cells in the fluid is a sign that they were fighting with the bacteria and during that process, the pimple popped.

In this case, it is important for you to wash your face regularly and wipe it regularly so as to avoid the spread of the bacteria. The bacteria spreads and grows stronger in the low oxygen areas, hence ensure that you regularly clean your skin.

Treatment Options

  • Aloe Vera Gel has shown to be an effective home remedy for bacteria filled pimple. It will ensure to deliver its anti-oxidant properties to the affected area and hence eventually vanish a pimple
  • check-circle
    Natural and Pure Honey has also shown significant effects on the bacteria and has helped to get rid of it in many cases. If you cannot get hold of pure honey, try to use organic honey. The for the honey, the better the results will be.
  • Apart from this, you might have the need to take some anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medicines, depending on the frequency and severity of the breakdown. Try considering your dermatologist on this aspect for an accurate guidance.

Bonus Infographic: How To Pop A Pimple The Right Way


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Pimples can be very frustrating, and this can even be worse when these are liquid filled ones. While there can be other things in the form of the liquid apart from pus viz. bacteria, tissue serum and white blood cells, it is important to know what it is and how to deal with it.

In most cases, you will see improvement after trying some home remedies such as honey, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera empathize might also be necessary in some cases to consider a dermatologist.

 If you do not find any relief and the symptoms persist or even get worse, it is recommended to stop whatever you are doing and consult a pro.

What stays consistent throughout is our recommendation to you never to pop a pimple yourself. If you have any effective remedy that helped you deal with pimples are any experience to share with us, we would love to hear from you!



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