Can You Eat Peach Skin? Know These 5 Things First

By Jessica Kelley | Gut Health


If you ask me about my favorite fruit then, peach is the answer to your question. Some of you might consider its appearance like the apple, but it differs from it in the skin's texture and amount of nutrients. Lots of people do not enjoy eating peach skin owing to the hairy surface. Recently my friend asked me “can you eat peach skin”? Is it safe or harmful?

Well! I usually don’t peel off the peach’s skin and eat it like an apple, guava or plum. Its skin might possess an indistinct texture, but that does not alter the flavor of peach at all.

There are numerous benefits that peach skin provides us. To know more about the benefits and drawbacks of the peach skin please read the below article.

Is The Skin of the Peach Safe To Consume?


The answer to the above question is apparently "YES." You can safely eat the skin of peach as it offers lots of vitamins for our body. In fact, the flavor of the fruit is also delicious. Once you begin eating this fruit with skin, you evidently would not care about its fuzzy skin at all.

There is no need to get scared from the skin of peach if you have washed it properly. Today, lots of fruits that are sprayed with the pesticides for longer life as well as for keeping them safe from the pests. But according to a recent study, peach is considered to be the best fruit among all available fruits in the market.

While washing the peach, don't rub it so harshly that it gets broken or turn out to be mushy. You can try buying the organic peach in the market, if available in your city. The organic peaches are the safest as well as the best option.

Significant Things to Know Before Eating the Peach Skin

One of the most vital things that you should keep in mind while consuming the peach skin is that washing it in a right way before eating. It will help you in removing the dirt, chemical compounds and other vexations that stays on the skin of peach.

It is not so difficult to clean the peach’s skin. You can follow the easy steps below:

  • You need to cut the stem and leaves and wipe each peach for getting rid of any residue or dirt.
  • Then, place the peach in a utensil full of lukewarm water and brush out the dirt with sponge.
  • It will also eradicate the waxy coating usually found on the skin.
  • Later on, wash the peach with running water and dry it with some cotton cloth or a tissue paper.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above article, eating peach skin is quite common today around the world and lots of people do it. As soon as you get used to consuming the thick skin of the fruit, you will surely come to know that why so many individuals like me enjoy eating the peach skin.

The skin of every fruit (like the peach) is always beneficial for our body, and thus you can eat them either in the form of snack or in the breakfast. There are numerous recipes too in which you might use the peach with its skin and still enjoy the benefits of this fruit.

So, what are your views about eating the peach skin? Will you eat peach skin after reading the above info? Do let us know your thoughts soon!



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