Can Kojic Acid Soap Permanently Lighten Skin?

By Jessica Kelley | Skin Health


If you require a straight answer then it will be “Yes and No”. One thing that you should be clear about is that kojic acid is highly effective in actively whitening the skin. It restricts all the components in the body that might result in developing melanin.

Basically, kojic acid engages the skin in developing healthy content and bounds it from the development of melanin. This way, the skin gets extremely glowing and fairer. As long as you keep giving your skin a routine dose of kojic acid, the skin will remain lightened.

At the same time, the brightness will not immediately reverse as soon as you stop the usage of the product. It will stay with you for a few months but since there won’t be anything in the skin that can hinder melanin to obtain, the darkness will return. That is why, to keep skin healthy, you should continue the usage of kojic acid soap.

What kind of Pigmentation can Permanently go away with Kojic acid?

The skin forms melanin for two prime reasons. First of all, it is pre-programmed in your DNA which relates to the color of the skin that you have at the time of birth. The second cause is when the skin creates it for protection purpose.

 If the skin has experienced a lot of acne, cuts, spots or even the suntan, the melanin starts to produce in the skin and makes a protective shield from inside. The skin will eventually turn darker. This is the type of melanin creation that kojic acid can permanently reverse.

Basically, the kojic acid makes the skin healthy and as a result, skin problems such as acne, spots, tan, etc. don’t occur at the first place. When the skin will not feel the need of creating a protective layer then eventually it will not produce the melanin. If the hyperpigmentation starts to reverse and the spots disappear then this is a good sign and you can permanently bid farewell to the dark and imperfect skin.

Now, the next thing is about the natural skin tone of an individual and what steps can be taken to lighten the color. The permanent skin lightening solutions are not recommended. This is because these techniques will stop the skin from creating melanin instead of engaging it. In such case, what happens is that the permanent skin lightening actives will permanently burn the melanin making cells.

This can cause further skin complications and is not good. However, the kojic acid soap will engage the skin and restrict the production of melanin instead of completely finishing it off. It will be a safe and healthy alternative.


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