Diabetes: Symptoms, Complications and Preventions (Infographic)

By Jessica Kelley | Health , Health Tips

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which can happen to anyone. There are two main types of Diabetes—type 1 and type 2, which can be distinguished by some features. The following symptoms of Diabetes are the same and typical at any age:

Always Hungry & Thirsty
Unexplained Weight Loss
​Frequent Urination
​Extreme Fatigue
Numb or tingling hands/feet
However, some people with type-2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they don’t notice

Diabetes prevention is as simple as eating healthier food, becoming physically active and losing a few pounds. It’s never too late to take action. To know more about Diabetes, here is a useful infographic that may help you.

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11 Benefits When You Drink Green Tea At Night Over Coffee

By Jessica Kelley | Health , Health Tips

Green tea is an effective beverage that has the potential to fight everything from acne to cancer. Also known as Miracle beverage, the researchers called it “the healthiest drink on the planet.” The benefits of green tea come from a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate. This antioxidant has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that enable it to […]

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