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The wheatgrass juice has earned extreme popularity in the past several years owing to its numerous health benefits. It is also the most suggested green superfoods that comprise of high-level of nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

You can quickly find this juice in any supermarket store or shop, but if you didn't consume it on time then, it can get spoil easily. So, what is the best alternative to it?

Well! Instead of the juice, you can buy the wheatgrass powder which is quite easy to store and have a longer shelf life. You can mix it merely in the water and prepare your juice whenever required.

Since there are many different types of wheatgrass juice powder in the market, it becomes quite difficult for anybody to pick the right product.

Fortunately for you, I have researched the best wheatgrass juice powder that you can buy to help you in avoiding getting deceived into purchasing the wrong products. Besides this, I will also share with you some useful, informative part that can allow you to make up your mind actively before buying any product. 

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Surprising Benefits of Wheatgrass Grass Juice Powder

  • The wheatgrass juice powder provides you the similar benefits of the juice and possesses the same nutrition in the dehydrated form also.
  • The freeze wheatgrass juice powder permanently retains a higher level of antioxidants in comparison to the fresh juice.
  • With the regular consumption of the powder, your overall health also gets improved, mainly your intestinal system and immune system. Several nutritionists agree that when you add the wheatgrass powder in your diet, it helps you in fixing your health issues for the long term.
  • Some people also notice an increase in the energy, clearer skin and improved functioning of the mind with the juice powder. As per few renowned doctors, the chlorophyll and the nutrients in the powder benefits in fighting against the cancers and also improve the health of the organs.

What to Look for While Buying Wheatgrass Juice Powder

1. Check the Manufacturing Company

Most of us look for the product which comes at the low price. We often oversee the reliability of the manufacturer, and it's not the right thing to do. Once my friend bought a cheap good that belongs to some manufacturer who was not reliable, and that product comes out to be very reasonable regarding quality as well.

Thus, before buying any product, check whether the product has got the certification from the government, is the company credible and legit, etc. 

2. Know the Ingredients

Some of the people like me are quite concerned about the ingredients of the wheatgrass juice powder. I am allergic to the gluten, so I always look for the product which does not have gluten. Similarly, some of you might have lactose intolerance or celiac disease, so you have to be very cautious while purchasing any product as the presence of an allergic ingredient can trigger your allergic problems.

3. Try out a Sample First

The products which suit my friend is not necessarily will suit me. Therefore, it is essential that you try out the sample first before buying the whole big size pack. You can try the specimen from your friend’s product and then think whether it suits you or not.

4. Pick Single-Ingredient and pure Powder​

My brother mostly prefers to have the juice powder combined with lemon, honey or milk but I do not agree with him. It is true that you will get a good taste, but with the addition of the extra flavors, the concentration of the nutrients gets reduced. Thus, a single ingredient and a pure powder is the right choice.

List of 5 Best Wheatgrass Juice Powder

1. Dr. Berg Nutritional Wheat Grass Powder


It is a raw powder of the wheatgrass juice which grown on the ancient sea floors for increasing the mineral absorption capability of the product. There is no gluten, insoluble fibers, additives or GMO present in it. In one teaspoon of the powder, you get the benefit of the 6 to 10 shots of the raw juice. It is a concentrated nutrient which you have to mix in the water and drink. If you are not satisfied with the results of the product in the first 30 days then, the manufacturing company will refund you the money.

The product does not have the flavor the cut grass but offers you a creamy and smooth taste. You will also get an incredible boost of energy daily if your drink it on a regular basis. Dissimilar to the other branded wheat grass juice powder, this product prepare with the help of the unique method of freeze-drying known as BioActive Dehydration that helps in retaining the natural qualities of the juice in it. There is no degradation of the flavor, color, enzymes, and aroma in it during the manufacturing.

What We Like

  • •It is 100 percent raw organic product without carriers, gluten, insoluble fibers or additives
  • It prepared with the freeze-dried method to avoid the loss of the nutrients
  • There are no artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, soy or preservatives in it
  • Comprises of high level of nutrients and chlorophyll
  • Possesses a wonderful flavor
  • One teaspoon of the powder is equal to 4 pounds of organic vegetables

What We Don't Like

  • It should not consume by the breastfeeding mothers

2. Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder


It provides you powder of 100% organic and whole-leaf wheat grass. There is no gluten, GMO or sugar in it. It is entirely a plant-based product that has all the critical minerals and amino acids. The product is a naturally rich source of chlorophyll that delivers you sixty servings. You have to add 17 oz of the powder’s scoop in the 12 oz of the beverage for preparing ant smoothie or any favorite drink. 

The wheat grass used for powder is grown and harvested one time in a year so that it can capture all the minerals and nutrients. There are so many nutrients in this product which do not find in the green leafy veggies as well. In fact, there is proper maintenance of the nutritional fiber to ensure the Mother Nature. The single scoop of the powder possesses the nutritional value more than ten shots of tray-grown wheatgrass.

What We Like

  • It has the delicious flavor
  • All the ingredients are non-GMO and organic
  • One serving of the powder delivers an enormous 20 grams of plant-created protein
  • It has incredibly healthy fruits, vegetables, and alkalizing greens
  • It has the stevia for the natural sweetness
  • It helps in quick digestion

What We Don't Like

  • There are no digestive enzymes
  • It is an expensive product to buy

3. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder


It is a 100 percent organic, non-irradiated, non-GMO and vegan wheatgrass juice powder. The product is grown and packed in the USA. The powder originates from the effective juice of a vitality-rich grass which purifies, cleanses, nurtures, and heals. It is a concentrated version that is more powerful than the regular dried wheat grass. You will find this product more densely rich in minerals, vitamins, alkalizing agents and amino acids. It has around 70% chlorophyll, which acts as the blood builder as well as a cleanser. 

The product prepares with the help of the unique drying process of BioActive Dehydration for retaining all its useful nutrients. You can add it in the water or make a smoothie for the daily consumption. Before packing the product, the company does the lab test for ensuring the products’ quality.

What We Like

  • It is effortless to mix the powder in the smoothies
  • It comes in the big size packaging
  • It is an organic product without GMO or gluten
  • Benefits in purifying, cleansing, nurturing, and supporting our body

What We Don't Like

  • Taste of the product is not good

4. Maju Superfoods Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder


It is an excellent product which prepares from the wheatgrass that grown in the volcanic mineral rich soil. It dehydrates with the help of the trademarked technology which preserves the extreme quantity of enzymes and nutrients. You will surely love its taste as well as the power of this exceptional powder. It quickly gets mix with the spoon without the flavor of the cut grass. You can mix this water-soluble product in any beverage for stress-free consumption.

The main motto of the manufacturing company is to provide that product to the buyer that they use personally. You can get the free eBook of the superfood recipe that you can make with the product. If you didn't like the product, then ask for the refund of the money from the company within 30 days of buying without any issue.

What We Like

  • It is an excellent product for the small kids
  • You can also use it as the substitute for the protein drink
  • You can take it with the other dietary supplements
  • The essential enzymes and nutrients are well-retain in the product
  • It is quite easy to mix it in the water

What We Don't Like

  • It is not safe for everyone

5. Pure Synergy USDA Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder


It is a fresh tasting, vibrant and a certified wheatgrass juice powder that comes with great usefulness. You can use it in the juices, smoothies or the filtered water. The product comprises the rich source of enzymes, chlorophyll, and plant-built protein to stimulate the vigorous metabolic function and enhancing the energy. The method of patented CO2 low heat was dehydrating, cold-refining and cold-pressed juicing used for holding the complete profile of chlorophyll and enzyme.

This wheatgrass juice powder is non-GMO, organic and vegan free without any sweeteners, preservatives or the added fillers. The vivacious and gentle emerald green edges of natural wheat grass reaped at the very peak of their nutritious prospective. They instantly and judiciously juiced and dehydrated below quite low temperatures eradicating difficult cellulose which the stomachs cannot digest easily.  It has the complete roster of enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll, minerals beta-carotene, vitamins, calcium, and iron.

What We Like

  • It is a high-quality product that supports your overall health
  • The levels of your energy in the body changes after consuming it
  • The skin conditions also improve with its regular consumption
  • It is a non-GMO, organic and vegan free without any sweeteners, preservatives or the added fillers
  • You can use it in the juices or the smoothies

What We Don't Like

  • The taste of the product is not delicious
  • It is quite thick in texture and can cause burps

Final Thought!

It is true that every person cannot get the optimum health quickly, but with the help of the wheatgrass juice powder you can fetch the lost nutrients in your body. Consuming the wheatgrass powder every day possibly too much for lots of people, however, once you begin it, you will undoubtedly notice the transformation in your body.

Out of the above five wheatgrass juice powders, I can say that the best one is the Dr. Berg Nutritional Wheat Grass Powder. It offers you an incredible amount of nutrients as well as 6 to 8 times more chlorophyll. It possesses everything which you desire in your best wheatgrass juice powder.



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