The Complete Guide To Choose The Best Knee Brace In 2020

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Knee pain is one of the most common health problems these days. This type of pain can result from various causes like acute injuries, trauma and severe medical conditions.

If you experience knee pain, it is ideal to seek to consult with your health care provider. Chances are your doctor is going to require you to make use of a knee brace.

There are different types of the knee brace on the market, and you would want something that would fit your needs and preferences. Before you purchase the first knee brace that you see in your local stores or online, check out the different things to consider.

What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain can originate in any of the bony structure of your knee like the knee joint, kneecap, or the ligaments of the knee. This condition can also affect people from all age groups.

The location of the pain can vary depending on the involved knee structure. If there is the presence of inflammation or infection, the knee can become swollen and painful.

Also, the severity of the pain can vary. It is, however, described as a minor discomfort or a severe and disabling pain.


Why Should You Use a Knee Brace?

The use of knee brace is often prescribed to relieve knee pain and prevent the incidence and severity of injuries to the knee without restraining the overall knee mobility.

Regardless of the type of knee injury, the best knee brace will promote comfort to the knee through providing support, stability, and compression.

Aside from this, a knee brace will also decrease further injuries, and increase protection during workouts and other stressful activities.

Also, a knee brace can enhance performance and confidence during sports, relieves discomfort, and reduces the need for pain medications.

Choosing the Best Knee Brace for Your Needs

Since there are various makes and models of the knee brace on the market, finding the right one can be challenging and overwhelming. Knee braces provide different levels of support and vary when it comes material, style, and quality.

Knee braces are often categorized based on their support level, purpose, and style. Knowing these categories can make it easier for you to choose which knee brace is best for you.

Support Level

The first thing that you need to consider would be the support level. You have to consider your needs when deciding on the brace’s support level.

  • 1. Basic Level – This type of knee brace is perfect for knee conditions that require a small degree of support. They are comfortable to wear and provide just the right amount of support to the knee.

  • 2. Advanced Level – This type of knee brace is perfect for knee conditions that require moderate levels of support. Knee braces under this category are often durable and adjustable to ensure comfort and a snug fit.

  • 3. Elite Level – This type of knee brace provides maximum stability and ultimately prevents the knee from giving away. This knee support is perfect for knees following surgery.

Check This Infographic to Know How to choose the Right OsteoArthritis Knee Brace

Specialized Knee Braces

Some knee braces are specifically designed for certain knee conditions.

1. Arthritis Braces – This type of knee brace reduces the force that goes through the parts of the knee affected by arthritis. Also, this brace provides support, reduces pain, and improves knee stability.


2. ACL Braces – ACL or anterior cruciate ligament braces are specifically designed to address an ACL injury. This brace provides stability and protection and ideal to use after reconstructive knee surgeries and ligament tears.


Knee Brace Style


Knee braces can also be categorized based on its style.

1. Pull Up Sleeves – This type of brace is a simple pull up support that provides knee compression, necessary support, and warmth. This knee device is great for minor aches and knee injuries.

2. Wrap Around – This type of knee brace is designed with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit to the knee. This knee brace is ideal to use if swelling is present.

3. Hinged Braces – This type of brace provides good support through the use of hinges to offload and support the joint. This knee brace is ideal to use for moderate to severe pain and knee instability.

4. Knee Straps – This type of brace either comes with a double or a single strap for the purpose of relieving pressure on the tendons. This knee brace is the perfect one for anterior knee pain and jumpers knee.

5. Magnetic Braces – This type of knee brace is designed with built-in magnets that promote healing, reduce discomfort and improve overall well-being.

6. Neoprene Braces – This type of brace is the perfect device for retaining heat because of its physical makeup, which is neoprene. Also, this knee support promotes healing, reduces swelling, and relieves pain.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from choosing the right type of brace, there are other factors that you should consider before purchasing the best knee brace.

  • Material. It is also important to consider the material of the knee brace. Knee braces are made up of different materials like plastics, steels, fabric, and hooks and loops.
  • Size. It is imperative to pay attention to this factor when choosing a brace. If the knee brace is too tight, it can cause more harm to an already injured knee. An oversized knee brace, on the other hand, will be of no use at all.
  • Comfort. Comfort is also a factor that you should look into when purchasing a knee brace. You have to make sure that you will be comfortable wearing the knee brace and make sure that it would not restrict knee mobility.

Top Five of the Best Knee Brace in the Market

1. Winzone Knee Brace Support


This knee brace support from Winzone is perfect for conditions like arthritis, meniscus tear, and ACL.

Designed with an open patella protector, elastic outer cover, and stiff body, this knee brace has the perfect construction to reduce knee joint inflammation and pain. Also, this knee brace ultimately improves blood circulation in the knees and promotes knee mobility without the discomfort.

With this brace, there will be no more restricted movements. You can go about your daily activities without pain and enjoy playing the sport of your choosing.

What We Like

  • High protection level, reduces pain and prevents injuries
  • Made from sustainable, comfortable, and breathable materials
  • Provides side and lateral support
  • Comfortable

What We Didn't Like

  • Has the tendency to moisten after prolonged use

2. Exous Knee Brace


The Exous Knee Brace has been created to provide maximum support, especially for knee conditions like arthritis and patella dislocation.

With the device's four stable and secure Velcro straps, the device will stay in place even when you are always moving. 

It fits your knee correctly without causing any irritation. It also comes with an anti-slip design which is perfect for use in sports.

This brace is designed to be lightweight and flexible. In fact, you can even squat while wearing this knee device because of its distinct built-in gaps at the back of the knee.

What We Like

  • Brace fits securely on the knee with its sturdy fasteners
  • Offers maximum lateral support
  • Comfortable to wear

What We Didn't Like

  • Velcro straps has the tendency to wear out after prolonged use

3. Bracoo Knee Support Sleeve


The Bracoo Knee Support Sleeve is innovatively designed to relieve stress in the knee area while providing reinforced patella stabilization, which ultimately guides the kneecap into proper movement and prevents the displacement of support.

This brace is designed with adjustable three strap closure which allows you to find the perfect fit. With its extra thick neoprene material makeup, you are guaranteed extra protection against harm.

This brace is ideal for post-surgery knee pain, arthritis, and strain. Also, this device is perfect for protection against risk for knee conditions like ACL, PCL, and MCL.

What We Like

  • Provides maximum support even during intense workouts
  • Made up of elastic, durable, and breathable materials
  • Open patella design with side pads to prevent dislocation

What We Didn't Like

  • Cannot be machined washed

4. EzyFit Knee Brace Support


This knee brace support from EzyFit has made its mark with its innovative design, durability and exceptional quality.

This knee device provides you with maximum support and stays in place even during an intense workout. You are guaranteed free movement of your knee while running with its open patella design.

For exceptional comfort and durability, the edges of support are round and double-stitched. Also, this brace is made of a unique combination of polyester, nylon, and neoprene for breathability and elasticity.

It comes with Velcro straps for a secure fit and silicon strips to hold the brace in place without the need to exert too much pressure.

What We Like

  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable for a snug fit

What We Didn't Like

  • May not fit knees measuring more than 24 inches in diameter

5. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support


This knee brace support from TechWare offers consistent pain relief and maximum support and compression while allowing full knee mobility.

With its alternating Velcro strap system, the knee device can fit your knees correctly. This brace is also designed with an open patella style and four spring stabilizers for optimal knee stability.

From doing your daily chores to performing intense workouts, you are guaranteed maximum comfort while wearing this brace because it is made with breathable neoprene material.

What We Like

  • Made from durable and breathable materials
  • Promotes snug fit without compromising comfort

What We Didn't Like

  • May not fit large knees as this brace is designed to be sleek and thin when worn

Wrapping It Up


Knee braces come in various styles and types and are made up of different materials. Thus, it is important to choose your knee brace wisely based on your needs and preferences.

With all the different options in the market, the Winzone Knee Brace Support has surpassed its competitors regarding quality and performance.

With its high protection level, your knee pain is not the only thing that is addressed, as it also promotes blood circulation around the knees, prevents further injuries and improves knee mobility.


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