Best DIY Callus Remover Soak

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Well, there are some treatments that you find ridiculous and funny but they can actually work. Much like this soak treatment that seems funny but it has always worked out for many. While there are various options listed on the internet that helps in treating the callus skin effectively, our method is the simplest and without any harsh side-effects.

There are a couple of methods that we will discuss in this piece. However, we will start with the soaking methods. Well, let’s just jump into it:

Simple Warm Water with Mild Soap

Well, nothing can outrun the basic and the most conventional method of curing the thickened skin that is caused by callus. Well, we would say that before trying anything else, first you must try soaking the callused area in the warm water. First of all, there is no side-effect to this method so you are completely safe.

You can add a mild soap in the water and soak it for not more than 20 minutes. Then towel dry the area and see if the skin is loose enough that you can simply chip it off with the finger. This may take some time and repeat soaking sessions but you will be able to remove the callus one layer at a time. This is also the first remedy that American Academy of Dermatology recommends.

Apple Cider Vinegar


The properties of apple vinegar cider are such that it can soften the hard callus skin. You have to prepare a solution to dip the callus-prone area inside and treat it.

First of all, mix 4 parts of water and one-part apple vinegar cider in a bowl. It will be better if the water is warm. Now, dip the callus area inside and leave it there for some 20 minutes. On removing the skin from this soak, you might be able to peel multiple layers rather than just one layer.

Make sure that you don’t handle it roughly. Don’t pull it too hard and try to be as patient with it as you can. If you break the surrounding skin then it will lead to infections.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a natural skin lubricant that enhances the quality of skin. This is helpful in conditioning the skin and also to rub away the callus. For this, you need to soak the callus inside the warm water with a mixture of about 5 spoons of castor oil. This much quantity of the oil will be suitable to tackle the hard skin, lubricate it, and smoothen as well.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has the antibacterial, natural antiseptic, and antifungal properties. This method is also quite successful in removing the callus. All you need to do is to put few drops of the oil in a half-full bucket of warm water and dip the target area inside.

You should not soak in it for more than 15 minutes or else there will be infections.

Try these methods and get rid of the callus.

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