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Hi everyone, I am Walter, Main Editor of and a Fitness Trainer with over 4 years of experience. I’ve also been promoting clean eating, a healthy lifestyle, and Organic products.


What is Naked Juice?

By Walter Oconner | Nutrition

The Problem With Juices Is Naked Juice Healthy & Good For You? Naked Juice is a series of healthy (we will get to that later) juices bottled by PepsiCo, a well-known beverage manufacturer.The brand has strong marketing, backed up by the huge company behind it. It claims they only use the best ingredients, and that […]

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What is Serotonin Deficiency?

By Walter Oconner | Health

Negative Effects of Low Serotonin Levels & How to Solve them Back When the body’s Serotonin levels are lower than normal, certain psychological disorders and impaired bodily functions may occur. This is known as Serotonin deficiency. This condition not only occurs due to low Serotonin levels but also due to: Insufficient Serotonin receptors or receptors that […]

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What is Serotonin and Does it Do?

By Walter Oconner | Health

What is Serotonin Deficiency? Back A weighted vest makes your life much easier. Although it is possible to perform exercises such as pull-ups and pushups with a heavy backpack, by holding a dumbbell with your feet (for pull-ups) or a plate on your back (for pushups), that is far from convenient. It is uncomfortable, unsafe, […]

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