10 Healthiest Ways to Get into Ketosis

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Getting into ketosis tends to be hard for many first time users since the majority of people try to get into Konscious Keto without doing extensive research. However, don’t make the same mistake because understating this form of eating will improve your results and assist you to avoid some complications that might happen.

There are numerous healthy means of getting into ketosis fast, and if you follow this guide, you will experience the results in your health and weight quickly.

Ketosis is the condition of the body’s metabolism when you reduce the sugar intake and carb supply or when you reduce your calorie intake. This will force the liver to produce ketones that will become the primary fuel in your body. So, this will cause weight loss and numerous other advantages like energy increase and your capability to concentrate.

Other benefits include lessening the risk of heart ailments and preventions of migraines. Well! Let’s now look at various healthiest and quick ways of getting into ketosis diet.

1. Moderate Your Carb Consumption

Reducing your carb intake is the core of Konscious Keto diets and is the most significant step you need to consider. When getting into the diet, you need to reduce your carb intake significantly. Moderating your carb consumption will trigger your liver to generate ketones that will act as your body fuel, leading to ketosis.


Your muscles and liver store glucose in the form of glycogen. When you reduce the carb intake, your body releases fatty acids from fatty glands that are later transformed into ketones.

Since people are different, what might work well for you might not work for another individual! While this procedure is personalized, you can start your diet with 20 grams of carbs every day for 14 days. Then you can increase your carb consumption gradually.

2. Do More Workouts

Physical workouts play a vital role in healthily starting your ketosis. When doing your daily exercises, you drain your metabolism of its glycogen stores, and this causes it to generate more ketones to substitute the lost one.

Exercising is the best way to speed up the ketosis procedure. Your body will burn the glucose faster, and this means your body has to produce fuel more quickly. This will accelerate the weight loss procedure even if you are not on a Konscious Keto diet. Increasing your workout activities will allow your body to get into the diet faster.

According to Thrive Strive, your performance will dip a bit because your body is still adjusting to the changes it's experiencing.

The moment your body begins to burn the fats, your performance will start increasing steadily.


3. Try Intermittent Fasting

This doesn’t mean that you start fasting the whole day without taking any food. What this implies that you need to have a specific eating time, like 5 or 6 in the evening and never consume any food until breakfast the following day.

This might be hard for some people, especially those that are high on late-night snacking, even if it comprises keto snacks.

Note that consuming a lot will make your body to break down more often.  If you avoid eating at specific times, your body will begin to utilize whatever that is remaining as fuel until you eat again. So, this is to say that it can start burning all the excessive glucose available in your body.

Just like Thrive Strive suggests, intermittent fasting has numerous benefits, and it can help you get into the diet fast.

Make sure you are hydrated in the entire process by drinking lots of water.

4. Pay Attention to Your Snacks

Staying on your Konscious Keto while on the go tends to be challenging than being at the house. While at the office or traveling, getting keto-friendly food is hard.  So, carrying your portable snacks will help you stay on your keto diet.

Keto bars, keto nut butter, nuts and seeds, low-sugar beef jerky are some of the recommended keto snacks to eat.

5. Consume More Healthy Fats



Bear in mind that not all fats are harmful as many people believe. Consuming more healthy fats will assist you to reach your ketosis quickly since they assist the levels of ketone.

Having reduced carb diet implies that your body must increase the number of fats you eat to make up from the lost calories. Make sure you select the sources of fats carefully since they all have the same effect on your ketone levels. The healthy fats will only make the ketone levels extra sustainable.

6. Consume Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes with healthy fats known as medium-chain triglycerides (MTCs). The fats can be absorbed in the body, and they can be used as a fuel source or transformed into ketones.

The medium-chain triglycerides will induce ketosis easily without any carb limits. Intake of coconut oil is the best way of getting into ketosis since it induces ketosis quickly.

7. Intake Exogenous Ketones

As Everyday Health points out, exogenous ketones are healthy supplements that can help in keeping your body in ketosis.

Consuming these supplements will assist your body get into ketosis quickly as little as one day. While you still require the reduced carb and ketogenic diet, the supplement will lessen the amount of duration it takes and minimizes the unpleasant impacts.

8. Take the Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

These oils play a vital role in boosting the levels of ketone. Consumed with exogenous ketones, it can assist you in getting into healthy ketosis fast. The oil can be broken down in a matter of hours and utilized for energy by body cells, unlike the fatty-acids that take many hours to be metabolized.


9. Consume a Reasonable Amount of Protein

Never mistake reducing the amount of protein intake to increase the production of ketone. Make sure the protein consumption is well balanced, and enough since your liver must have enough amino acids. This is essential since your liver must generate glucose for some of the cells and organs that can’t use ketones as fuel.

Adequate protein consumption is important as it will help maintain muscle mass. Diets with reduced carb and with moderate protein consumption will successfully induce and maintain the ketosis.

10. Get Keto Staples


Via Lifemadeketo.com

Getting keto-friendly foods and simple recipes is essential as it will help you stick and enjoy your diet. Avoiding to have safe keto alternatives when hunger is a clear way to fall out of the menu. So, make sure you purchase keto-accredited foods, select healthier on-the-go keto snacks and get keto-friendly and straightforward recipes.


All these guidelines are guaranteed to assist you in getting into the Konscious Keto in a nutritious and healthy way. Therefore, ensure you mix all the ten tips to get the best results. The article offers you advice that will assist you to get into the keto diet fast. So, begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle now!


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